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Inexpensive Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Home

By Gaetane Ross

Many people do not know that they can increase the value of their homes drastically without spends thousands to remodel. If you are one of the numerous people trying to sell your home and want to increase the value but really do not have a ton of money to remodel, then you will really want to read on.

When selling a home, getting a good price for it can be difficult. If you are thinking of giving up and just taking what ever you can get for your home, don't. Just sit back and listen to some inexpensive ways that you can increase your home's value up to 20%. That is a much better price range isn't it? Here are some room by room tips of increasing the value of your home inexpensively.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most crucial rooms in the house. When it comes to kitchens the bigger, the better. People looking to buys homes are looking for spacious kitchens that are in good working order, clean and have the appliances needed to work right away.

You can make the kitchen look more spacious by adding lights that will make the kitchen brighter. Another good idea is to redo the windows; this can create more light as well. The flooring is something a lot of people look at when buying a home, so if you can, replace your kitchen flooring with stone, tile, or the most popular, wood.

It does not really take or cost much to keep the kitchen in good repair. If there are scratches or dents anywhere have them fixed. If the fixtures or outlets are not in working order, replace them with new fixtures. Additional, giving the kitchen a new paint job, unless it's a horrible color, could never hurt, and it will really make your kitchen look great and increase the value of your home.

The Yard

Some people do not realize what a simple garden can do for their home. Just the simple mature trees standing around adds about a grand to the total value. Go one further and add some decent landscaping to the front of the home. Gardens can make the home look more inviting and increase the value of your home.

If mature trees can add a grand to the total value of your home, just imagine what adding a beautiful flower can do. You do not even have to use flowers you can use shrubs. Adding a row of shrubs to the front of your house can give it a since of sophistication. Just these simple tips can increase the value of your home.

The Living Room

Much like the kitchen, the living room is a focal point for a lot of home buyers. When looking for a new home people often want to see a big spacious living room. There are some people who use mirrors to make the living room look brighter and more spacious; this technique can also work very well in the bedroom. Make the living room seem airy and bright. You can do this by adding a new coat of light colored paint, adding bright lighting and just keeping the room clean.

The Bedrooms

The bedroom also needs to be airy and spacious. Like I stated earlier, mirrors are very good for making a bedroom look big and bright. Make sure that the room has enough electrical outlets, this is very important. You should also have large cabinets and closets but not large enough to cramp the room.

The Bathrooms

For the bathrooms, using fluorescent lighting instead of incandescent can make the bathroom feel light. You can add simple things like matching towel racks and new sink, shower and tub fixtures that also match. You can also replace the flooring; tile is probably the best flooring for the bathrooms.

You can use all or just some of the tips above. You can also mix and match them however you want. The whole point is to increase the value of you home without spending a tone of money. There are many tricks and illusions you can use to make your home look bigger and brighter. Now, go and look around you home and see what you can do to increase its value today.

Gaetane Ross is a Home Improvement Consultant who has spent over 4 years focusing helping people remodel and improve their homes. She also specializes in Holiday Home Decorating.


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