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The Ideology of Being Frugal


By Nikki Willhite

 If you want to spend money, you will have a lot of help.
If you want to live the frugal lifestyle, you won't. It's that simple.

If you want to spend money, you will have a lot of help. If you want to live the frugal lifestyle, you won't. It's that simple. In case you haven't noticed, everyone wants your money! People earn substantial incomes devising ways to part you and your money. Endless dollars are spent on research into what colors, shapes, slogans, commercials, ads, words, etc. will cause you to buy products.

Temptation is all around us, from the sumptuous retail stores in our neighborhoods, to the commercials brought into our homes through television and radio. Then there are the people around us wearing the latest high priced fashion and driving outrageously expensive vehicles. It all looks good, and it is constantly "in our face".

To add to that, now we have a guilt trip thrown on us if we don't buy things. We are hurting the economy. We are adding to the recession.

Those of us who want to be frugal need a support group! What good is it going to do us to save $20 on our grocery bill, if we are tempted to buy more clothing than we need, excess furniture, fancy cars, and in other ways spend large amounts of money we probably don't have? We need to be constantly reminded to stick to our goals and keep going in the right direction.

We can be debt free....if not today, then tomorrow! Life has gotten so fast, and so stressful, that I personally find myself occasionally saying "Stop the World! I want to get off!" It is hard to keep up with technology. I groan every time we have to buy a new appliance and I have to study the manual.

If, however, we are living in what I think is a responsible manner, we will avoid a lot of the stress that other people have. Debts and bills cause stress. Self indulgence, pride, competition, comparison... these are all unnecessary attributes to our happiness.

Our goal is to make the best use we can of our resources for the benefit of our families. We want our homes and family to be well cared for, but we do not want to spend money beyond our means to accomplish this goal.

People fall into problems with money because of a lot of reasons. Bad things happen to good people. Good people have bad habits. Whatever the reason, don't slip into self pity, beat yourself up, or waste time looking back agonizing over past circumstances of mistakes.

Turn your ship around as fast as you can, and head in the right direction. No matter what your circumstances, if you are trying doing your best to improve your situation, you should have peace of mind which will add to your happiness.

If, on the other hand, you are recklessly using your charge card to fulfill every little whim that you have for the latest material possession you fancy, you are headed in another direction, and you are going to end up in a place you do not like, Don't go there!

Frugal can be fun! It's fun to have things you want when you can afford them, and have sacrificed in other areas to achieve them. People of all incomes can be frugal. It is a state of mind. It is a concern for the resources of the earth, as well as the welfare and self-sufficiency of our families. It's hard work, mentally and physically, but it's worth it.


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Category:  Simple Living

Related Links:  | Simple LivingPriorities |

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