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Ideas for Budget Bedroom Decorating

By Jessica Ackerman

You would like your bedroom to be a calm oasis to which you can retreat at the end of a long day. You also want to pull off some degree of style in decorating your bedroom, so guests would be pleasantly surprised when they come to visit. How to achieve all this with a budget that is barely enough for a decent mattress, bedding and clothing storage unit?

Even if you are constrained within a tight budget, some creativity and craft work can produce an overall look for your room that is tastefully put together. Most of all, your bedroom will reflect your creativity and personality. So use these following ideas as a starting point for your task of decorating.

Create an innovative headboard

A headboard usually gives the bedroom a focus and pulls the room together. Instead of buying a traditional bed frame and headboard, try one of these inexpensive alternatives: find a pretty wall tapestry at your local thrift store and hang it behind the bed; mount large Styrofoam squares wrapped with attractive fabric on the wall above the bed; use picture frames inserted with stylish paper and hang them in a grid on the wall; keep an eye out for a used or discarded wooden screen or door and turn it into a headboard.

Get resourceful with your side table

As an alternative to purchasing matching side tables to flank either side of the bed, a single piece can serve as an attractive table for placing your lamp, alarm clock, and a couple of books. A simple chair with sleek lines can be found at the thrift store and spray-painted to match your bedroom colors. Or use a modular storage shelf or a single shelf bookcase.

DIY window treatments

Curtains provide a finishing touch to a room and make a big difference in its overall look. Sew your own using extra bed sheets and add decorative accents using ribbon, buttons, and other strips of cloth. You may also find cheap shower curtains that can do the job of both increasing privacy and accenting a room when hung as curtains for your bedroom window.

Have a focal point

A great decorating tip for your bedroom that doesn.t require many purchases is to incorporate a single focal point into the room. It can be as simple as painting an accent wall in a complementary color to the remaining walls, or placing a striking arrangement of flowers on your dresser. If you enjoy rummaging yard sales or antique fairs, you may find a stunning chandelier or an ornate antique mirror that would make a beautiful addition to your bedroom. A bunch of fancy pillows and thoughtfully arranged candles are other inexpensive accents that you can add.

Add an area rug

An area rug in your bedroom can lend color and coziness to the space. An easy way to create a large area rug on a budget is to sew smaller rugs together. Purchase a few cotton rag rugs and stitch the sides together with a double length of cotton yarn.

As a talented staff writer with general interior design experience, Jessica Ackerman has written countless articles containing valuable information on many aspects of interior design and decorating.

Jessica Ackerman, writes for and offers aspiring home designers the opportunity to decorate with beautiful trees wall art and decorative crosses.

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