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Shopping on the Internet and by Catalog

Shopping on the Internet and shopping by catalog was big this Christmas Season. People just didnít want to go to the malls. It was how I shopped this year also, and I have never been more pleased with both my purchases and the amount of money I spent.

Ordering on the Internet and by catalog are essentially the same, except that you are able to find more bargains at used and discounted Internet sites.

In both cases, you are usually able to see pictures and read product reviews of the items you want. The convenience is incredible. For those of us who do not like going out to malls or in the crowds, it is wonderful.

I made so many purchases this year and they all came out perfect. I previously mentioned I purchased a DVD for my husband on the Internet, secondhand, that he wanted. It was good as new. I finally found that watercolor quilt book I have been looking for at a discounted price.

Online I also purchased the Lotus Smart Suite from the One Penny store. What an upgrade that is to the program I was using. I found a flannel shirt for myself. I bought fabric to make draperies. I purchased a jewelry item for both of my daughter-in-laws. I found a best selling political book I knew my son would like. I even order a special CD of Mannheim Roller Christmas Music to make our Christmas Eve celebration more special.

I did all this without having to leave my home, and in every case, at substantial savings. Everything came in perfect condition! What an easy Christmas I had this year!

Having said this, there are some rules and safeguards to know when it comes to shopping on the Internet and by Catalog.

*When buying on the Internet, always buy through a secure site. When you go to finalize your order, you will notice the http will turn into https. This protects your personal information, such as your credit card number.

*Buy from reputable sites. Most major retailers now have websites. They are also constantly improving. For instance, JoAnns now sells a large amount of fabric online. They have great pictures and even a program to put your selected fabric side-by-side to see how the fabric looks together if you are making a quilt.

Many online shopping sites have links where you can check out their standing as a shopping portal.

*Know your prices. Know the suggested retail selling price of the item you are interested in, and how great the mark down when it goes on sale. If you ask them, many sales personnel have access to future sale dates, and they can tell you how far the item will be marked down. This applies to specific items as well as general categories of merchandise.

You can also do some comparison shopping online at:

*When evaluating online or catalog merchandise by picture only, remember that the pictures are enlarged. This is important when buying items like jewelry. The scale will be much smaller than it seems in the picture. If there are gemstones, they may not be the size you want. Use an item you already have and compare measurements.

*Always check the return policiy and the guarantees offered by any online store. If it is a large item, it should be printed on your invoice. You may also want to see if they have an 800# in case of problem.

Always save the packaging, as well as your receipts, for a few months from anything that comes in the mail, in case you have to send it back.

If you are buying used from another seller, look at their rating. As I have mentioned many times, I sell on eBay. I know how important it is to keep a good feedback rating. You can almost always tell the quality of the seller and reliability of their information from the remarks of their previous customers.

*Donít be afraid to ask, ask, ask! You will find deals and discounts by letting it be known that you are a potential customer. 

Internet shopping and shopping by catalogue are here to stay. Donít be afraid of it. It can be a major money saving experience!


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Category: | Shopping Help |

Related Links:  | Clothing |

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