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Category:  Inspirational

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Inspirational Articles

Love, Compassion, Role Models, Character, Example and Persistence

These articles are not directly related to saving money.  They are put on the site to make you feel good....and realize how many things are more important than money.  When you feel good about your life and yourself, it is a lot easier to deal with life's problems and challenges. See the links above for more articles on a variety of subjects.


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3 Tips for Setting Realistic Financial Goals

4 Ways To Boost Productivity At Work & At Home

Be a Quitter

Extreme Simplicity

How Priorities Are Like Rocks


3 Stories On Forgiveness

The Lost Art of Writing Thank You Notes

Love, Compassion and Kindness

10 Easy Ways to Say I Love You - The importance of letting others know you love them, and some ways to say it to those both near and far from you.

A Beautiful Heart - The story of Skylar, a little girl who joyfully gave her own money and her Christmas presents to a homeless child at a shelter.

A Law of Successful Living - a story of returned kindness from the lives of President Hoover and Ignacy Paderewski.

A Life That Makes A Difference - The story of Anne Sullivan

Colored and Clear Lights - An analogy on how colored lights draw attention to themselves, while clear lights shine on other things and how this relates to types of personalities.

Driving Away the Shadows - The story of the newspaper clipping President Lincoln kept in his pocket that was found when he was shot.

Good Friends Are Good Medicine - The importance of friends, and how Sam Rayburn, when ill, returned to his home in Texas to be among friends, even thought the hospitals were better in Washington, D.C.

Good People - A man driving home after visiting his sick daughter starting "falling apart" and was helped home by some good people (truckers) also on the road.

Hang On to Each Other - The story of a nurse's love to a dying patient.

Living in the Same Box -  The story of the kindness of the German Luz Long at the long-jump event at the 1936 German Olympics.

Loved Into Action - A story of loving by example.

Love Without Measure - A story of unconditional love.

Love is Understanding - The story of a woman who made doilies when she was upset with her husband. 

Pillars on Your Porch - How burdens are eased when others care and help.

Surprised by Joy - The story of service given and being returned in a miracle-like fashion.

The Best Gift Ever - A story about President Carter and his wife, and how they came to accept each other's faults and increase their love for each other.

The Fable of Mary Lin - A fable about living a life of compassion.

They Are All Our Children - A story that illustrates how we should care for all children as if they are our own.

To Honor their Souls- the Story of Katherine Lawes -  Wife of a prison warden, Katherine Lawes showed  love and respect to all the prisoners.  They, in return, were devoted to her.

Web of Love - Using a ball of yard to illustrate to students how we are all interconnected.

What Is Most Important  - The importance of relationships.

What Would You Die For? -  The story of Cagular, and how when he was brought before his enemy Cyrus, he asked only that his wife's life be spared.

When Others Grieve- How a few kind words help the grief-stricken, from the life of poet American poet Edgar Guest.

When Someone Grieves - How to comfort someone who is grieving.

Who's Your Best Friend? The qualities of a best friend, as stated by Henry Ford and others.

You are One of Us - How we should all share pain, loss, and even gain.



A Conspiracy of Kindness

Encouragement Works

Everything Counts

Forget the Duck

Just Do Something

Just a Dime

Kindness and Forgiveness


No Room For Fences

No Wrong Time to Say the Right Thing

"Reconciliation" -- A Difficult Word

Practice, Practice, Practice

Stick to It

Taking Chances, Making Chances

Time to Wake Up

The ABC's Of Handling Mistakes

What Do You Want Most?

When Life Gives You a Kick

When They Trespass Against Us

When Suffering Visits

Role Models, Character and Example

A Legacy of Love - Wanting to be remembered as a loving person.

A Loftier Ambition -  How using what money you have in the right way is more important than how much money you have.

Act Two - The turnaround in the life of Henri Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross.

Changing the World - How small actions and a handful of people can accomplish great things.

Do All the Good You Can - A story from when President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

Follow Your Stars - A story from the life of Colonel Arthur MacArthur when said "no" and was guided by his principles.

Leaving Great Legacies - Doing good deeds that others continue to magnify.

Let It Shine -  Letting your light shine and making a difference.

One Light - Helping others see their own light.

Steel and Velvet  - A story illustrating the soft side of Abraham Lincoln.

Time to Move Ahead - Excelling with the help of other people.

The Hand - A story illustrating the importance of teachers.

Those are My Principles - Always taking the time to do what is right.

Who Listens? - The importance of listening to other people, especially with problems.

Your Life is an Inside Job - The importance of each day in your life to build your character.


Nudging Without Nagging



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Category:  Inspirational

Related Links:  | Inspirational | Attitude | Courage | Goals | Happiness | Self-Esteem |

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