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Cottage Decorating Theme

By Hunter Pyle

The cottage - an idea of summers spent lazing around reading, catching up on correspondence, playing various games, swimming and watching the world slowly float by, relaxed and relaxing with the sun beating warmly down or the rain softly kissing the trees and plants.

The ideal of the cottage is just that, an ideal. Yet, if you love the decor, and the feeling it conveys, why not try capturing the sense in a cottage style decorating theme. If you wisely choose colors, furniture, and all the right accessories, no matter what style home you have, you can create a cottage within it.

The warmth conveyed by the ideal of the cottage is easily conveyed through your choice of color. What should you paint the walls to evoke that homey-feeling? Cottages are warm and inviting. They beckon you to come in and shed all your worries.

In color, this can be conveyed in selecting warm colors such as soft oranges or yellows, as well as earthy tones but floral prints are also very effective. They call to mind gardens and growth. Check out wallpaper that conforms to this theme Ė floral is readily available, and examine the colors of paint you might wish to use. You can always combine the two of them in a paint and border combination. Or you can paint the walls and reflect the floral designs in the upholstery and coverings you use.

The coverings and upholstery, for your cushions, chairs, couches, bedspreads and rugs can carry on the cottage theme. If your walls are painted, the floral theme can be reflected in this part of the overall scheme. You do not want, however, to have the walls, the coverings and upholstery all done in a floral pattern. This would not be comforting, or warm but overpowering.

In all things, keep it simple. It does not, however, have to be antique. This is a theme you are trying to capture donít let it engulf you.

Cover the floors with handmade rugs. They should be bright, colourful and possibly match in some fashion the color scheme or theme of the upholstery.

If you are completely into recreating the theme, the floors will not be made of vinyl but of wood. Hardwood floors, though, are quite expensive. They may be beyond a pocket-book or be considered carrying a theme that could change in a year, a bit too far. Instead of a wood floor you could consider the laminates or other paneled floors or other pseudo-wood products.

Wood, in fact is a feature of the cottage theme of decorating. Wood and its relative wicker are considered necessary design elements in recreating this theme. Both work, naturally, to provide a rustic appearance. Keep the designs simple and charming.

These two words also describe the character of the embellishments or accessories or finishing touches you can add. Paintings, photos, and other materials should be simple. Still-lifes of fruit, vegetables and flowers best reflect the theme. Photos of family members, past and present in the appropriate simple frames, can hang on the wall or be propped on tables.

There you have it - the basics of the cottage decorating theme. It is now up to you to put it into practice. Do not be afraid to experiment. Read further on the subject and then render your version or vision of the theme.

About the Author: Hunter Pyle wrote this article to talk about another theme: the country cottage theme. Check out Get Organized or Kitchen and Much More for some more cool theme ideas.


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
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