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How to Speed Up My Computer in 1 Hour

By Logan Albright

It is inevitable. I call it digital inertia. It builds up within any computer from the moment it is assembled, sold and fired up for the first time. All computers, no matter how fast, how furious, become lumps of porridge within a few months. Some last longer, but the build up of digital dust mites and laziness is something none of us can avoid. Our speed demon has become a horned turtle and we always ask ourselves what happened? We find ourselves turning to our technologically inclined friends and asking How to speed up my computer? There are a lot of factors involved, but Ill tell you some sure fire ways to speed up your computer in 1 hour.

Over time, because of its dedication to keep up to date, you will realize your program task bar is full of programs, some of which you have no idea how they got there in the first place, and some of them you havent even used past the first fire it up and test it phase. All these programs after a while end up putting a lot of clutter in your memory, because over time, the information gets fragmented and Windows has to constantly re-fragment the information, seeking it out from hidden digital cul de sacs, weaving it together for a program launch. Defragment your disk! It will take you less than an hour maybe more if you have the entire Guggenheim museum stored in your hard disks. You will notice a 50% increase in speed, guaranteed. Other than Windows disk defragmenter there are plenty more efficient and speedier, full featured defragmentation programs out there for you to use.

Another reason for the gradual decline in speed could be that a PC is overloaded with information. Take a look at your start-up programs and the programs you have running in the background. Are they essential? A full featured anti-virus program cuts quite deep into the virtual memory. Scrutinize all the programs you have and delete and uninstall the ones you dont need especially the ones that are using up precious memory. Just press Ctrl-Alt-Del, and run through the processes tab a lot will be revealed to you. If, by chance, you need all those programs, then dont fret upgrade your memory. Buy an extra stick of RAM if your PC is overloaded with your high memory programs.

Optimize, optimize, optimize. I cant stress this enough. There are so many programs and registry cleaners out there on the internet that help to clean out the registry, all loose floating files in hidden temp and system folders and any digital stragglers choking the otherwise fine machinery of your speed demon computer. A program like this does everything from A-Z, sniffing out all possible sectors of your computer, including that all important brain box of a registry that basically controls EVERY aspect of your computer. Keep it up to date and clean that makes the difference between a running computer and a stuttering computer.

So, there you have it, sure fire ways to speed up your computer. Of course there are so many other ways and so many different sectors that need addressing, but these are some of the common and major issues plaguing PC users the world over.

About the Author: Click Here to speed up your pc for free. Logan Albright helps thousands of people optimize their computers through a proper computer check up. He is an authority on troubleshooting computer problems at .


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