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Category:  Clothing and Accessories

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UpDate Your Wardrobe With What You Already Have

 by Jill Black

Each season many of us tend to head for the nearest clothing store and often impulse buy on new items of clothing ending up with a wardrobe full of mismatched clothing and the frustration of "I have nothing to wear" whenever opening the closet door.

Your clothes are your image. How you "package" and present yourself (dress, grooming,) speaks volumes about your sense of quality, creativity, professionalism, how you value yourself and respect others.

The first step to a wardrobe that works well is to take everything out and try it on.

You need to be ruthless discarding garments that simply don't look good on you or cannot be combined into outfits.

When you have done this you should be left with a few items that with a little updating will form the basis of your wardrobe.

Have you ended up with a collection of rather dark colors?

Give garments a color lift. Navy can be made to look modern by wearing a fuchsia colored scarf or a chartreuse tank top. Brown goes well with pink or sky blue. Try Emerald or citrus green with black, brown or charcoal gray and tawny brown makes khaki look soft.

To further update your wardrobe

- Add fun accessories, brooches, belts, scarves.

- Add a fashionable handbag like the latest crocodile textures or colors like green or orange.

- Add a pair of shoes in the latest bright, fun colors. Ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, lime green, amethyst purple or fresh pastels in cotton candy pink or aqua. Hot styles include wedge heals, espadrilles, ballet flats, stiletto heels, and earthy thongs.

Jill is the owner of the Success Network magazine featuring resources and ideas for creative living available online at  

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Category:  Clothing and Accessories

Related Links: | Clothing and Accessories | Beauty |

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