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Category:  Beauty

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How to Treat Your Hair If it is Oily

By Louise Forrest

If you find that you hair is oily then you need to treat this as quickly as possible, because oily hair can sometimes be a little difficult to manage and it does lack volume.

There are some advantages however when it comes to having oily hair, but these very rarely outweigh the disadvantages such as a itchy scalp which ultimately leads to dandruff.

It is often the case that people who have acne generally have oily hair also, why this is the case is still not answered. But the probable answer is that because acne is caused by excess sebum, then there must be excess sebum production on the scalp too and therefore this is what causes the hair to also become oily and very greasy.

So why does the hair become greasy?

Well just like the skin produces excess oils well so to does the scalp, and some people produce more oils than others. There is not much that you can do about it other than to care for the hair on a regular basis with a good shampoo that is suitable for oily hair. You might also want to leave washing your hair until the morning only, because this way, your hair will look much cleaner and fresher as opposed to washing your hair the night before.

Another problem with hair that is oily is that it can have a foul smell and people who have oily hair are often not aware of this. You can often tell that hair is oily by running clean hands through your hair, and then smelling your hand afterwards. There is not a strong smell but it can be noticeable if you are not caring for your hair on a regular basis or just not using the right products.

How you treat hair that is oily depends very much on the condition of your hair for instance if your hair is short, long, black, curly and also if your hair is fine and blonde in color. One of the reasons that oily hair is very difficult to manage is because the hairs generally stick together, and this can make hair that is curly even more curlier, and it can also make the hair also clump together and it is therefore possible to view the scalp.

The main key to controlling hair that is oily is to essentially remove the oil from the scalp. It is important that you are washing and massaging the scalp and not just the hair.

There are some practical tips that you can and should adopt in order to take care of your oily hair and one of them is not too wash your hair on a daily basis. Washing everyday will strip the scalp of essential oils and therefore the oil glands will need to compensate by producing more oils and therefore there is actually more oils on the scalp.

You should also avoid chemical based skin care products that can cause irritation and even cause itching of the scalp, which in turn can lead to dandruff.


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Category:  Beauty
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