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Category:  Beauty

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5 Shocking Truths about Dry Skin Care

By R Kalpana

We all hate to have that dry itchy skin as it needs extra dry skin care especially if people experience perpetual exposure under the sun. Which is why, we understand that it is imperative to make skin supple and young by putting on moisturizer on the important areas of the face, body, shoulders, and legs.

This article aims to educate people with dry skin regarding the moisturizer choices as choosing products for dry itchy skin is a make or break decision. It requires utmost vigilance because there are products that instead of adding benefit to the skin, worsens it with the ingredients that are infused with the product.

1. Some Dry Skin Care Products contain Ingredients that dries skin even more

Consumers must read the product's ingredient label and be shocked that it may contain alcohol that goes with many names: Isopropyl, Propyl, Ethyl, Butyl, Benzyl, Ethanol and SD Alcohol. Alcohol strips the moisture away from the skin because instead of healing dry itchy skin, it actually dries skin even more.

2. Some Dry Skin Care Products are packed with useless fillers

Customers don't need scents, starches, and paraffin to heal dry itchy skin but unfortunately the cream may contain high percentage of them. Scents are only good to make the product aromatically pleasing but do not moisturize the body.

Starches like carbon and powder makes the product richer which explains why some beauty products are cheaper but directly ineffective moisturizers. Paraffin or mineral oil may moisturize your skin for awhile but after your body absorbs high concentration of paraffin, you are prone to lesions and worse, skin cancer.

3. Some Dry Skin Care Ingredients are harmful derivatives of natural products

A product that contains large amounts of dioxane must not be used because this artificial derivative of coconut cream is known to cause skin cancer after prolonged use. This is the reason why products containing natural "extracts" and not "essences" should be the first choice of purchase as synthetic cream with "essences" never does good for the body.

4. The Best Dry Skin Care Ingredients are from nature

As a rule, consumer must choose products with natural skin care ingredients like avocado and milk. Avocado oil is a natural moisturizer that can prevent dry skin for a long period of time and is natural source of Vitamin E while milk is known as a complete food not only good for nutritional digestion but also nice skin nourishment.

5. There are still Dry Skin Care Products that are Reasonably Priced and Effective

When consumers invest on beauty products with natural ingredients on them, it is not necessarily true that they pay more than what they usually spend on synthetic creams. There are still natural products that are easy on the pocket and effective in its results.

The facts set out by this article may shock those that have discovered the products they use are bad for their dry itchy skin. Big manufacturing companies will not be pleased with the facts that we share but we don't care about that since we want the consumers to be critical with their products choice for in the end, the consumer will benefit from the wise decision.
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Category:  Beauty
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