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Category:  Utilities

8 Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Water Bill

By Alex Daniels

No matter what type of place you live in, you or someone else has to pay for the water. When you set up housekeeping, you do not realize that paying for the water is a major responsibility and necessary. Depending upon the city and how it is set up, usually sewage and water use are part of your bill.

Some places you have no options. You just have to do what comes with the house you live in. The rules are the same for you as well as your neighbor. You can take charge and see if you can save on the usage of water by your lifestyle. Children in your home make it almost impossible to control their water us but you can try to change some things.

* Most important - if you can - you need efficient equipment to monitor your water. A water heater that will help to conserve your water. The newer models are more efficient than those of years past.

* Too many showers will escalate the water bill. Do you really need to shower as much as you do? Cleanliness is wonderful but the skin can only take so much.

* Using the dishwasher when it is not completely full. I would buy more dishes if it meant I could put off running the dishwasher more often. If silverware is often the case, it would not hurt to wash some in between. Possibly it is glasses. Believe it or not, the dishwasher is a luxury to me. A dishpan was my dishwasher and I was the dryer.

* Check your toilet or toilets to see if they are functioning properly. They can run unnecessary without you realizing it. If your bill arrives and it is larger than usual this may be a plan to initiate.

* Check your other faucets to see if water is running or dripping. It is amazing how much your water bill can increase if water is running without your knowledge.

* Check your showers to see if there is a drip. Sometimes kids will leave a little dripping and not even realize.

* Check your basement for hidden leaks. It may mean that your water heater is leaking or something in the washing machine. Also a plugged up laundry tub that does not drain properly.

* Does your lawn really need that much water? If you fertilize yes you have to water as the instructions tell you. But obsessive green on the lawn could be compulsive. Water your trees and plants periodically but think about conservation.

We need to be aware that our lifestyle is running our life and can be costing us unnecessary spending on the things we use everyday. Water is so precious to sustaining life and we take it so for granted. We would not be able to function in our way of living if we had to ration water.

Alex consults for Metro Guardian, a retailer offering furniture protection products including commercial-grade leather cleaner and stain remover for furniture and clothing.


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Category:  Utilities

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