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How to Save Money on Gas

By Cary Anderson

With gas prices rising, people have once again turned their attention to how to save money on gas. Here are some tips to help you spend as little as necessary on fuel:

Donít Drive

It sounds obvious but sometimes people need to be reminded that you donít have to drive. Come up with ways to drive as little as possible. Do a weekís worth of errands in one trip out of the house. Walk to places less than a mile away. Itís healthier for your body and your wallet.

Buy with MPG in Mind

If you are in the market for an automobile, buy with miles per gallon (MPG) in mind. Get the car youíd want to own if gas was $10 a gallon. Itís not that high right now, but thatís not to say it couldnít one day be that high. You shouldnít go buy a car today for the sole purpose of getting better mileage; itís more cost-effective to just keep what you have, but if youíre in the market for a car for other reasons, buy something that gets great mileage. If gas prices continue to rise, youíll be glad you did.

Carpool and Use Public Transportation

Carpooling and public transportation are more ways to cut down on your gas expenses. Set up a carpool arrangement with your co-workers, parents whose kids do the same activities as yours, and friends when leaving the house. Also, give public transportation a try. It some cities, it has a bad stigma but get over it. Who cares what others think as long as youíve saving money?

Find the Cheapest Gas

The website, lists the cheapest gas in your area. Check it out before you buy gas and the savings can add up. Just remember, itís usually not worth driving an extra few miles to get to a station that has gas a few cents cheaper than a more convenient location. Use common sense.

Keep Your Tires Inflated

Vehicles get better gas mileage when tires are properly inflated. Inflate and replace your tires as recommended. The MPG savings add up substantially over time.

Accelerate and Brake Gently

You can increase your vehicleís gas mileage by accelerating and braking with ease. The more suddenly you brake and the more rapidly you accelerate your vehicle, the worse gas mileage it gets. Donít wait until the last second to throw on the brakes before a red light. In most cases, you can just coast up to the light and save some coins in the process.

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