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Category:  Home Improvement

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10 Things to Check for a Quality Paint Job

By Julie Lohmeier

Whether you paint a room yourself or hire it out, you want to ensure that the job is done properly for best result.

If you are hiring a painter, don't pay until you inspect these 10 key items first.

1. No drips - these should be sanded down and retouched.

2. Even coverage, especially corners and around windows, doors and ceiling for no light or dark spots.

3. No bleed through of previous paint color or primer. The whole point of painting was to get rid of the old color.

4. Clean lines where ceiling and trim meet the walls. You don't want waves or wall color creeping up on the ceiling. Clean, straight lines.

5. Caulked at trim joints and where trim meets drywall for no visible gaps.

6. No gaps left between drywall and switch plate and outlet covers or else the painter will need to spackle and fill it in. This is a concern on new construction primarily.

7. Windows are scraped clean of overspray if trim is being sprayed.

8. Faux finishes are evenly distributed in color and texture, especially in corners, near ceiling and trim.

9. If wallpaper was removed, be sure that all glue is removed and walls are smooth or your paint won't adhere correctly to the wall, be bumpy, and generally look terrible.

10. If wallpaper is being hung, be sure that the pattern is level, matches up properly, is hung in the right direction and seams are smooth.  You don't want a fun house look.

All of these seem common sense, right? But look closely and carefully in both daylight and artificial light. What looks great at first blush, may not look so hot once you've paid the painter, and you really take a close look.  Do your own personal quality control first.

Julie Lohmeier is the veteran of numerous home remodeling and building projects.  From working hands on and doing much of the work herself to hiring contractors and construction managers, she has seen the entire spectrum of home improvement.  These 10 tips are just a list of more than 100 she shares in her new ebook,  10 Things Not to do When Building or Remodeling Your Home. Contact her to get this 58-page ebook  and see her other remodeling tips, home decorating ideas, and other various rants at  Sign up for her free email newsletter at:


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Category:  Home Improvement Related Links: 

| Home Improvement | Maintenance: Inside | Maintenance: Outside |

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