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How to Organize Your Scrapbook Supplies

By Carol Stack

Are you new to scrapbooking? Is it a pastime that you enjoy more everyday? If this is so you probably want to expand your scrapbook supplies. Amateurs tend to start out tiny, but as your quality improves, so may your ideas. Unfortunately, the more scrapbook supplies you buy, the more difficult you will find it to stay organized.

Prior to concentrating on ways you can organize your scrapbook supplies, you might want to know why it is important to do so. To start, organization can enhance your scrapbook quality. You could have found a neat sticker sheet for Valentine's Day, but if you can't find it, you can go for your second choice.

That brings us to another benefit of staying organized: saving money. If you cannot find a supply that you acquired, thanks to being unorganized, you can buy another. This may end up in you spending nonessential cash. And, when you finally do find what you required, you won't use it again.

So, how are you able to keep your scrapbooking supplies organized? In all truth, your options are unlimited. One preferred approach is to buy clear plastic storage drawers. Within each drawer you can store your scrapbook supplies. As an example, one drawer can keep all paper products, another your photos, another your stamps, and another any other supplies, for example scissors, adhesives, and pens.

You can also rely on the use of zip lock bags. They come in a range of different sizes, so the majority of your scrapbook supplies should fit inside. Have a bag for your stickers, one for your pens, one for your glue sticks, and so forth. If you've got a large collection of stickers, sort them. For example, place all Yuletide stickers in one bag and Easter stickers in another. Once filled, all these zip lock bags can be stored in a card box.

If you have just started scrapbooking and haven't begun to develop a large collection of scrapbook supplies, an expandable storage case or poly envelope can do the job. These things are terribly affordable and can even be included in a beginner's scrapbooking kit. As you increase your supplies, you can examine other alternatives if you find yourself limited on room.

If you are an enthusiastic or pro scrapbooker, you also have the option of purchasing put away away tables. These tables not only offer you a workstation, but concealed compartments for you to keep your scrapbooking supplies. As for why this product is best left for ardent or pro scrapbookers, it is because they are costly. A stow away table for scrapbooking can simply cost a couple of hundred dollars.

Besides organizing your purchased scrapbook supplies, you also need to keep your photos organized. There are a number of benefits to doing so. One of those benefits isn't missing anything. If you're making a scrapbook in sequential order, you could be dissatisfaction when you later found a photograph too late. When your photos are arranged, this may not be an issue.

So, how should you organize your pictures? It depends on the flow of your scrapbook. As formerly mentioned if you do a book in sequential order, begin with the photos you'll use first,eg, your baby's first year. If you've got a hundred or more photographs, a pile might be out of the question. Standard pictures fit into zip lock bags, so use them . In accordance with sequential order, label each bag with the year.

As well as organizing your scrapbook supplies and photos, also organize your workstation. If you're like many hobbyists, you may make your scrapbooks at the kitchen table. This is OK, but keep your table clear. This permits you to spread out your scrapbook supplies, ensuring you don't miss anything important. If you only have a set amount of time to scrapbook, stop early for cleanup. Make sure all your supplies go into their appointed section.

As it was mentioned already, keeping your scrapbook supplies arranged is a very easy process, especially since you have so many possibilities.
Do you enjoy scrapbooking? Whether you have made a number of scrapbooks or are just beginning, you will find many tips and ideas, as well as scrapbook supplies, at


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Category:  Hobbies

Related Links | Hobbies | Scrapbooking Frugal Quilting and Lessons |

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