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Making Your Bathroom Safe For You And Your Family

By Claire Quaty

When it comes to bathroom safety, ensuring that chemical storage and medical supplies are not accessible to infants is essential. But there are other areas of the bathroom that have the potential to cause significant injury to all ages, particularly the elderly and very young. Often overlooked it is the bath itself.

When you look in the bathroom and are considering risks, you generally tend to think about items that you can move, consume or damage. It’s all about what things you can physically do something with. When it comes to the bath, you don’t have to be doing anything different to normal for an accident to occur.

Accidents involving the old and young are particularly dangerous. In the worst case, toddlers risk drowning in bathwater should they knock themselves hard enough and land in the water. The bath doesn’t need to have much water in it for this to occur. In the best case there could be breaks or bruises. For the elderly, they run the risk of bone breaks that they will find difficult to recover from.

Most of the mishaps occur when people are getting into or out of the bath. There are a number of reasons for this. For younger people, perhaps they are in too much of a hurry and don’t pay enough attention to what they’re doing. For older people though, there may be issues regarding personal stability or mobility.

There are some simple precautions that can be taken to minimize the potential for an accident to occur. Slip resistant decals for the bottom of the bath can substantially reduce slippage in the bath. There are many designs and styles available so you are sure to find something to match your bathroom décor. Likewise ensure that you have a slip resistant mat to step onto once you get out. It is impossible to exit a bath without splashing some water on the floor as you leave. An appropriate floor mat will absorb the moisture and leave you on a secure surface.

Shower safety bars can also be a great bath safety aid. These are bars mounted along the sides of your bath tub which you can hold on to when climbing in and out of your bath tub. If you do slip in the tub, you can also quickly grab hold of these bars, preventing a fall.

The implications of a bath accident last further than the immediate injury itself. There may be ongoing issues that need to be address such as rehabilitation. Additionally there may need to be consideration of the impacts of care requirements on other members of the family. When it comes to bath safety there certainly is more benefit in prevention rather than cure. When there are inexpensive solutions to an issue like this there is no need to run the risk of an accident. All baths should have safety devices.

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