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Themed Care Package Ideas for US Military

By Tara Crooks


Movie Care Package

Movie (DVD or VHS)
Microwave Popcorn (or already popped if they don't have  access)
Cracker Jacks
Rice Krispie Treats
Cookies (Oreos and Chips Ahoy)
Ruffles Chips & Dip
Hot Tamales
Nachos (Tortilla chips & cheese)
Make a "Now Featuring" Movie "Poster" on your computer and  add it to the package

Get Well Package

Chicken Noodle Soup Packets
Gourmet Tea Packets
Cold Medicine
Inspirational "Get Well" Quotes
Dole Fruit Cups
Get Well "Pills" (candy coated mints)
Get Well Card
A&D ointment


At Ease Package

Glow in the dark yo yo
Crossword Puzzle Book
Silly Putty
Deck of Cards
Ritz Bitz
Cereal Bars

"Scruff" Care Package

Baby Wipes
Shaving Cream
Lotion (if soldier is female step it up a notch and do  something SPA line)
Foot Powder
Shampoo & Conditioner
Big Fluffy Towel
Toilet Paper
Shoe Polish

Comforts of Home Package

Small Bottle of Febreeze
Snuggle Dryer Sheets
Phone Card
Blanket (A nice comfy one)
Glade Stick Ups
Pair of Slippers or Cozy Socks
Hot Cocoa or Coffe
Decorative Coffee Mug
Pillowcase with your perfume/cologne sprayed on it
Book on Tape

"Big Kid" Package

Squirt Guns
Silly Putty
Silly String
Whoopie Cushion
Funny Face Eyeglasses
Sidewalk Chalk
Crayons & Color Book
Football/Soccer Ball (mini)
Hacky Sack

Holiday Themed Packages

Fill any package with holiday themed ideas and use things  like tissue paper, balloons, confetti etc. to decorate it! 
Bath Package
Gel eye-pack
Shower Gel
Shower Flip-Flops
Aroma therapy oils
Scented candles and holders
Pumice stone
Washcloths, scrubber or loofa sponge
Back cleaning brush
Relaxing music on CD or cassette
Rubber ducky

Write Home Package
Note paper or cards
Envelopes (choose a variety of sizes)
Letter opener
Nice Pen or Pencil
Address Labels
Address Book

Sports Theme Package

Favorite Sport Magazine
Taped TV or DVD of favorite sport
Personalized Mug

"A Day At Home" Package

There are several variations of this package. The idea is to replicate a day with you. First, you'll need a camera. Take pictures of each thing you do. Use your creativity here are a few ideas: We woke up (take a picture in bed) and ate breakfast (take a picture eating cereal) and then took a shower (take picture in towel). We started the day off by doing some yard work and mowing the lawn (take picture mowing lawn). After our work, we had lunch (take picture with lunch). Then we colored pictures - or threw around a football etc. (take pictures doing activity). We all ate dinner together (take picture having dinner). We had a full day so we were tired when it was time to set down and watch our favorite TV programs (take picture watching TV). Later we snuggled up in our jammies (take picture in jammies) and had a nighttime snack (take picture snacking). We love you very much and miss you! (send picture of kiss goodnight)  

Now take all of your pictures (referencing above) and send  them with "treats"

Pillowcase with cologne/perfume sprayed or maybe a decorated  one
Several small boxes of cereal or cereal bars
Shower Gel or Shampoo or even a towel
Grass Clippings in a baggie or dirt from backyard (strange  but reminds them of home)
Color Books or Football
Lunch Snacks
New Pajamas
Recorded TV show or movie DVD
Hershey's Kisses

@Tara Crooks is the site owner and editor of   Tara's journey with the  military began in 1998 when she and her husband CPT Crooks  PCS'd to their first duty station, Ft Hood. Since, she has  earned a profitable living by building a great Army wife  internet talk radio resource. She is a PROUD Work at Home  Mama & Army Wife. 


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Category:  Gifts

Related Links:  | HolidaysHalloweenChristmasGifts |

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