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How to Find a Great Deal on a Mattress

By Veronica Smith

Shopping for a new mattress sounds like an easy task. Simply walk into a mattress wholesale store or outlet, pick the right size, and you are done. Right? Wrong. If you are not careful, you will pay much more than you really have to for a high quality mattress. Knowing where to go to find a great deal on a mattress is based on what type of mattress you are shopping for, and what your budget is for the mattress.

Before you head to the store, make sure you know what you can reasonably spend for the new mattress. If you need a box spring or bed rails, factor the cost of those in as well, so they do not come out of your mattress budget later. Mattresses can be much more expensive than you may think, so taking the time to know what you can spend is a great way to get started on getting a great deal.

The next step toward finding the best deal on a mattress is knowing where to look, and what to look for. Do some online research to discover what type of mattress you are hoping to find, and what type of price is typical. Different retailers will often sell the exact same mattress for a drastically different price, depending on where you shop. Comparison shopping is one of the only ways to make sure that you are getting a great deal.

Watch for special deals on the type of mattress you hope to purchase. If one store offers a specific brand of mattress for a great price, ask about matching the advertised price. Some stores offer a meet-or-beat price for written prices. Find stores that carry mattresses, and then take advertisements for better deals into the store with you. Although some higher end stores will not match the price, or cannot for individual reasons, some are willing to at least meet in the middle and compromise in order to make the sale.

If the store offers a layaway program, you may be able to add more for your mattress budget by paying over time instead of all up front. Rather than being forced to pay $500 for your mattress at one time, being able to make a monthly payment may allow you to afford more overall for the mattress. Make sure to ask about minimum monthly payment options, and find out how long the layaway is held (typically ninety days).

Financing is another great way to get the most value for a mattress. It may sound odd to finance a purchase like a mattress, but, like layaway, this may allow you to pay more in the long run on a higher quality mattress. An investment such as this will last for many more years than a cheaper, lower quality mattress, and it is worth the price in the long run. When seeking financing, be sure and note the interest rate (if any) and any special deals on financed purchases. Some stores offer discounts for finances over a specific amount, such as not having to pay until a certain date or a percentage off of the overall price.

Ask friends and family members who recently purchased a mattress where they got their deal, especially if you like the feel of the mattress yourself. You can then shop and compare the price against other leading retailers to find the best deal on that particular type of mattress, or find something similar that fits your budget. If the mattress is not very comfortable, you will know where to avoid shopping as well. Sometimes, knowing where not to buy is just as important as knowing where the best deals can be found.

Veronica Smith, is a freelance artist and consultant with She enjoys sharing her creative approach to decorating with metal wall art sculptures and copper metal art.

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