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Category: Kitchen: Meal Planning

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13 Tips To Turn A 4 Person Easy Meal Into a
6 Person Meal

By  Kaye Dennan

Do you ever have your week all planned out to then get a phone call and one of the family have changed arrangements to their timetable, or even more surprising, have invited someone for dinner? Most moms get to the stage when they have teenage families that they have learnt to become fairly flexible with their meal arrangements and in fact, when a sticky situation arises they are more than likely to just shrug their shoulders.

If you read on you will realize that there are many tricks to turn a four person meal into a six person meal so below are some that hopefully will help you if you end up in that situation.

- Quickly make a soup to serve before the main course and an onion soup, a vegetable soup, an asparagus or mushroom soup are great for this (not much preparation time to any of these)

- Cook a quick little entrée with something you have in the cupboard - could be curried eggs, a little salad, vegetable or corn fritters

- Make some savory pancakes for entrée

- Make a large salad to serve with the main meal

- Cook and serve a bigger vegetable range so that you can reduce the size of each serving of the meat and the vegetables

- Prepare and add more vegetables to a stew, but cook them first then add them in about 20 minutes before serving so that they take up the flavor

- Make a fried rice dish and serve that as a side dish or even as an entrée as it is quite filling

- Pull some bread rolls out of the freezer and make them into garlic bread or alternatively serve individual rolls

- Make some pancakes for dessert and serve with banana and syrup

- Make some little jam tarts - pastry sheets cut into patti tin size and add a spoonful of jam in the middle, then serve with ice cream or cream

- Serve some cheese and biscuits

- Get out a packet cake mix and bake some little patty cakes (I have learnt to always keep a packet cake mix in the cupboard because they are so quick to make at the last minute)

- When all else fails, tell the person who made the invite to call past and pick up a takeaway of some sort: Thai, Chinese, Mexican or whatever it is that would complement your meal and it could always be served as your entrée

By keeping certain items in the cupboard at all times you will find that when you end up in a spot of bother with last minute guests you can usually pull something together fairly quickly.

One of the main tips in this situation it to always stay relaxed. No-one said you have to serve up a restaurant meal, after all this is a home environment. Last minute guests are often so grateful to have an invitation that they would be happy with whatever you serve. It is a happy environment that is important. To sit down and have enjoyable company at the meal time is the most important factor.

Working moms really do need a little help in caring for the family and by building up a range of easy meals that can be prepared quite quickly, the after effects of those busy tiring days will be made so much less stressful.

© Kay Dennan.  With over 10 years in the food industry and as a working mum Kaye Dennan has put together an ebook "Easy Budget Meals 4U" so that busy mums can cook quick and easy budget meals. Just to to for more information and photos.


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Category: Kitchen: Meal Planning

Related Links:  | Recipes | Frugal Tips | Barbecue | Dessert | Fruit | Homemade |
 | Meal Planning | Meat | Organization | Sauces | Veggies |

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