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Category:  Romance

Ending A Relationship

By Dionis Fernandez

When you have been in a relationship with a person for awhile, it can be hard to end it. Certain things can just happen to cause you to know it is time to call it quits.

But how do you end a relationship the right way? You don't want to hurt the other person any more than necessary.

Remember hearts are involved here! Here are some steps to go through to end the relationship with as little pain as possible.

First, you need to know why you are breaking up with the person so you can explain it to them. So do some soul searching, while you are alone to realize the full truth of the matter. Once you know the truth for yourself, it is easy to be honest with your partner.

Second, you will need to make some kind of date for talking. Let your partner know that this is to discuss things. This way they won't think it is a romantic date. Breaking up is best done in person. Only breakup over the phone if you have a long distance relationship. Don't put this off, either.

Third, for this discussion get yourself in a compassionate mood. You do not want to hurt your partner's feelings and if you can, be in a compassionate state of mind. You might need to help them accept the idea of the breakup for them to heal.

Fourth, now that you have gotten together and are talking, stay focused. You need to explain your reasons respectfully and clearly to your partner for the breakup. Below are a few suggestions to help you explain yourself:

* While you are explaining talk about how you feel about things. This will not put your partner into defensive mode. Take the blame for the breakup, that it is all your fault not theirs. * Mention the things that have been good about the relationship and what you have learned. State that you will always to thankful for it. * Make to be sincere in what you are saying. Your partner can see through it if you aren't.

Fifth, your partner may get very upset and emotional over what you are saying. You may need to be a shoulder to lean on to get them through this. Make sure to be calm throughout everything.

Sixth, if your partner blows a fuse and lashes out at you, don't take it to heart. They have a right to be upset remember. Some people can get completely irrational so be braced for this to happen.

Seventh, still think kindly on them. You cared for them once very deeply. There is no reason that you can't still be friends.

Eighth, clearly show your emotions. Should you want to cry do.

Ninth, you may need to setup another date to talk with your partner again. They may not get the gist of the breakup the first time you talk about it.

Tenth, you need to be for them if they need you to be. However, they may want a lot of space instead.

Eleventh, don't feel guilty for wanting to breakup. You have to put the guilt away over hurting your partner's feelings. That is the only way you can move on.
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Category:  Romance

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