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Category:  Health
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A Healthy Schedule For Your Stressful Life

By Christopher William M.

Why are we always feeling this stress upon us of no time, so much to be done and never enough time? It is our lives and if we are going to live like this we need some things to come easy. Like eating healthy on-the-go!

Here are some tips that are so easy that you will be wondering why you didn't do them in the first place. Never again will you be wondering if you have had enough fruits and vegetables, calcium or plenty of fiber as everything will come into your day with these ridiculously easy tips for healthy eating and weight loss. What will you accomplish by following these easy eating tips? Fighting off cancer, stroke and diabetes; have more energy; stay slimmer and much more. Follow these tips and have a healthy day.

Good Morning: 7 AM

Drink a Glass of Orange Juice with Calcium - Orange juices powerful minerals and vitamins helps fight off PMS, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis. Most calcium-fortified orange and grapefruit juices have as much and even more calcium than milk while guiding you towards weight loss.

Take a Multi-Vitamin - How could one pill have such a big difference? People that take a daily multi-vitamin lower their risk of colon cancer and heart disease while helping the body absorb vitamins through food. High Fiber Cereal Eating cereal with 7 grams and more of fiber is most likely the easiest way of consuming enough fiber in a small amount of food. Fiber aids in fighting cancer with having your body absorbing less calories because of the fiber that will guide you towards losing weight and getting slimmer. Try blueberries as a cereal topper. Blueberries are youth berries that are packed with antioxidants that has some experts saying it slow down the human aging clock. Get in the healthy habit of drinking a glass of water after you brush your teeth. Only one-third of Americans get enough water every day so if you have water and a glass drink up. Signs of mild dehydration include fatigue upon awakening, fatigue at midday, lack of concentration, and headaches.

To Work: 9 AM

Take an Apple to Work Store it close by so when the munchies hit you have the easiest and healthiest snack ever. Having an apple close by will help you avoid the vending and snack machine at work and the apple has even been proven to help against air pollution. Stash Nuts in Your Desk Nuts are rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, magnesium, and phytochemicals, folks who snack on a small handful of them four or five times a week tend to live longer. Don't over do it as all those calories add up faster than you think.

Lunch Break Grocery Shopping: 12 PM

Whole Wheat Bread - Whole wheat bread has fiber, important nutrients such as selenium and copper, and a treasury of other healthy ingredients. This could be the reason why whole-grain eaters seem to have less diabetes, breast cancer, and heart disease. Look for lean meats. While protein is good for your muscle and many other functions in your body, some meats are high in saturated fats which cause high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes and gaining weight. Choose leaner meats for healthy protein meals without the mass saturated fat. Splurge on fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is important but making sure your getting all the vitamins and minerals is the other half of the battle. Cooked vegetables only have half of the nutrients they started out with so it is good to eat them while they are fresh.

Back To Work: 1 PM - Crystal Light

The day is half over and you are doing so well, but hunger comes again and this is when crystal light comes in handy. All you need is a water bottle and a small package of crystal light and you have got a satisfying beverage that while keep you satisfied for awhile. Try Fat-Free Beef Jerky as a hold-over snack. It is getting towards the end of the day when eating carbohydrates is not recommended but pure low-fat protein is up for grabs. Carry around a small bag with you at work and watch the high protein snack go to work.

Home for Dinner: 5 PM - Take-Out Dinner

This might be many nights out of the week as working so hard has made making dinner a pain. Some great things to pick up are salads, grilled chicken, snack wraps, etc. Just make sure you keep them in small portions so you don't eat too much before going to bed.

Late night craving? Try light popcorn. Even though this may not be the smartest choice, popcorn is one of those foods that can calm your cravings and get you ready for bed.

About the Author: Christopher William M. is a professional personal trainer in Southern California. Chris owns fitness business Positively Fit Inc. which services personal training to So Cal residents. Chris helps locals in Orange County, CA with his OC Exercise Program. Learn more by visiting

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Category:  Health

Related Links | Healthy Living | Stress | Emotional Well-being | Cutting Medical Costs |

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