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Create a Beautiful Budget Bedroom

By Terry Henman

Style, comfort and relaxing atmospheres can be created very affordably with a little ingenuity!

Bedrooms should be decorated in calm at relaxing colors if you want to get a good nightís sleep! They should also be neat and tidy, otherwise as you enter the room to sleep you mind will be bombarded with clutter and mess, which does not afford relaxation.

One of the most cost effective ways to decorate a bedroom is to paint it! A little time spent on appropriate DIY preparation will be well rewarded by the end result. Spend time filling it small dents and cracks using a ready to use filler, wait for it to dry before rubbing lightly with glass paper to give a smooth finish.

When painting over deep, dark colors or very intense bright primary colors, it will be advisable to give the walls a couple of coats of white or pale cream as a base coat.

This years muted tones in pantone yellow and sage greens are ideal colors to use in a bedroom. They provide a gentle and calming effect. Either of these colors look stunning when coordinated with crisp fresh white or pale creams. These colors also work well with natural wood, which can be either as a wood blind hung inside the recess of the window, as the accent pieces of furniture or stripped floor boards.

Tiled floors or stripped boards can look striking in a bedroom. They are both easy to keep dust free and provide texture to a room. Rather then placing rugs either side of a bed, placing a large rug partly under the bottom half of the bed not only provides a warm surface to step onto, it will also provide a more unusual look to the room.

Keeping all clothes well out of sight is an absolute must! Use wardrobes and cupboards to store and hang clothes, above all make sure the doors are always kept closed on them! Nothing spoils the visual effect more than having piles of clothes strewn over the floor or half hanging out of drawers! Take a look at any interior design image-you will never see such things!

Bedrooms such also reflect personal interests with objects displayed on the tops of dressing tables and chests of drawers. However, these should not becoming a dumping ground for papers! You are trying to achieve a sense of harmony, not having items which remind you of things you havenít completed, such as work.

If you like reading, place a pair of matching table lamps on the bedside tables. Having identical lamps can provide a sense of cohesive and harmony to the room.

Place wall art above the bed head, although you wonít be able to see it when you are in bed, you will look at it every time you enter the room. The only exception to this is if you have an ornate headboard or contemporary bed which is the main focal point.

Bedding is extremely important. Ensure you have beautiful bedding which coordinates with the color scheme of the room. Discount stores have some wonderful and very affordable bedding which will bring style to a bedroom. The number one rule is always make the bed! There is nothing more demoralizing than walking into a bedroom which has an unmade bed. Psychologically there is nothing more relaxing than getting into a neat freshly made bed!

About the Author: Terrys Fabrics retail in a wide range of curtains, fabrics and bedding


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
| Room by Room | Seasonal | Decorating Styles | Walls | Windows |

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