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Category:  Home Improvement

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Tips For Cleaning Fences

By Jim Ames

Cleaning fences is a tedious work especially when lots of dirt and grime have accumulated on the posts. Wooden fences, in particular, are most often exposed to direct sunlight daily and may be filled with tree leaves, bird droppings, soil and other stains. So let's cut to the chase with some cleaning tips.  

Power Washer Prep

First rent, borrow or buy an affordable pressure power washer. Search for these online, in the yellow pages and by calling around local hardware stores.

Note for beginners at this, while using one for cleaning fences, you should maintain certain distance from the pressure washer. And before you start cleaning, wet and cover all your plants and other outdoor things you want to keep safe and dry.

Ensure proper protection has been given to your eyes with protective eye wear. And ready a floor brush or rotating brush for cleaning the outer surfaces of your fence.

In the pressure washer unit, adjust the nozzle first. And then prepare the washing detergent according to the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Make sure the pressure washer states that it is able to effectively remove dust, oil etc. (some don't have as strong a spray, but most commercial types should).

Before cleaning your fence, read through the general instructions below first, printing them out for handy reference.

Note: For safety, ensure that there are no other electrical appliances nearby during use of your power washer.

Cleaning Your Fence with a Power Washer

If you have a wooden fence, then preserving the natural color of the wood is essential while cleaning. Over-application of detergents will spoil the natural color and life of the wood. So cleaning without disturbing the original color of the wood is essential.

Cleaning wooden fences include two steps. You have to clean the fencing and remove the stains from the posts and slats with household detergent and bleaching that will be effective to some extent. But for tough stains on wooden fences, you can use chemicals such as Tri sodium phosphate. (Check with your local hardware store for correct usage in your area).

Pressure washers can do a great job in cleaning wooden fences. But remember too much of pressure may cause breaking the wooden fence. So find a smaller machine with a wide fan to offer you greater benefit.

When you apply cleaner or brightener in wooden fence, rinse it thoroughly within 15 minutes. Otherwise the chemical can spoil your fence. Note that bleaching agents can reduce the natural color of your fence. Non bleaching agents can clean the fence without damaging the wood; they remove stains and dirt gently yet are environment friendly and do not harm your plants and lawn.

Applying cleaner and light pressure. Then rinse the fencing completely with the power washer. Note that heavy pressure may damage the fence.

Power Washing Tips

- Usually power washers come with various tips and adjustable nozzles. You should use the correct nozzle spray so that water from the machine will not damage the fence.

- You should not use hot water in your power washer for leaning fences.

- You should always keep the pressure washer at certain distance; otherwise, the close contact can leave strip marks, and your fence will look uneven.

- Ensure that all the mold spores have been completely removed from the fence.


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Category:  Home Improvement Related Links: 

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