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Category:  Cleaning

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House Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

by Fayola Peters

According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, more than 40 million American households share their lives with more than 68 million dogs.

Obviously, dogs are a very popular pet.

Unfortunately, as much as we love them, they can leave us with more mess to clean up. Your dog can "accidentally" leave stains and odors. It would be fantastic if you can find easier ways to keep your home looking clean and non-smelling.

If you have to constantly fight with pet hair, paw prints, chewed-up bits of knick-knacks as well as things dragged in, thrown up or otherwise deposited on previously clean surfaces, here are some of the ways to dog-proof your home and keep pet mess and smell to a minimum:

•      Choosing flooring surfaces that are easy to keep clean and stand up better to canine nails.

•      Do not delay cleanups. Messes are easier to clean when they are fresh, and are less likely to leave a permanent stain.

•      Do not use ammonia-based cleaners on dog messes as they smell like urine.

•      Use an enzyme-based dog odor neutralizer to kill the urine scent.

•      Focus on areas where odors lurk. Spots where dogs sleep eat and play can harbor stinking smells. Thoroughly clean up these areas at least twice a week.

•      Saturate the area with a product for removing stains and odors. Wait a few minutes then vacuum it with a wet-and-dry shop vacuum.

•      Pick appropriate carpet and upholstery to ensure easy clean up.

•      Avoid wool or cotton fibers for carpets and instead opt for synthetic carpets that have a stain shield.

•      Choose tightly woven fabrics and avoid loose or open weaves, when selecting upholstery fabrics. Tight fabrics would resist tears and rips from claws.

•      There is no guarantee that every dog is flea-free. Boric acid (100%) powder is odorless and non-staining and is an excellent flea-killer.

•      Shedding is a normal process that occurs seasonally in dogs. Dogs typically shed their coats in spring and fall. Keep pets well groomed. Brush and comb your pets regularly, and do not delay regular bathing. Your pets will smell better, and the hair you catch in the grooming process will not end up floating around your home.

Shedding of hair can cause an allergic reaction in dog owners. Tolerance levels to allergens vary from person to person. It is well known that people who own dogs and have allergies are not about to give them up. Dog owners can lower their risk of reaction and reduce allergens in their homes. The following are some tips to help you.

•      Always wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 15 seconds after handling your dog and before touching your eyes or face. Alternatively, use a hand sanitizer or antibacterial hand wipes.

•      Use allergen-resistant covers on mattresses and pillows.

•      If possible, reduce the amount of carpet in your home, especially in bedrooms and sitting rooms.

•      Restrict your dog to certain rooms of your home to create allergy-free areas. Bedrooms, especially, should be a no-no area.

•      Use vacuums with high-efficiency air filters to help clean the air.

•      Use air purification devices to reduce allergens and eliminate household odors.

•      Get a non-allergic family member to bathe your dog weekly and groom him regularly - outside the house.

•      Keep your home well ventilated.

To maintain a clean environment for you and your dog all that is required is vacuuming twice to remove pet hair and frequent washing of bedding and draperies. If you have any sort of a dog that sheds – say a shaggy dog – it would be a good idea to hand-vacuum him frequently.

Keeping a clean home when dogs are around is not that difficult. Of course, a constant effort, right products and good planning is required. It all comes down to knowing how to clean and doing it right.  

Fayola Peters is the webmaster of and .


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Category:  Cleaning

Related Links:  | CleaningClutter Control |

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