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Category:  Children: School

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Social Tips On For Homeschooling Kids

By Andy Lim


You may want to start homeschooling for your children due to your family circumstances. Homeschooling has its advantages. It allows you to have more control over the curriculum, personalize the learning topics that suit to your child's learning style, and avoid the pressures and dangers of public schools. However, there are other major mental and social damage that have impact on your children if you don't start homeschooling on the right footing. Starting a homeschooling program require initial planning.

Children need friends. Usually, they meet their friends in school. By taking a child out of school, they miss out the friendshipping opportunities. You also should realize the negative perception of public school students towards homeschooled kids. Public school kids think that the homeschooled children have some psychological or behavioral issues. Because of this assumption, they tend to harass homeschooled children because they are not normal. You have to make sure that you can deal with this so your children will lead a normal social life and can mingle among their peers when they attend college.

For parents who believe in homeschooling their children, you should look into your children needs for friends. Social interaction is as important as their studies. If you want your children to have a normal social life, then here's how. First of all, be familiar with your neighborhood. Find out the children that are almost the same age as your children. Get to know their parents because this is important for you to set up a play date for your children. Since you're in charge of the activities, plan a children party. Invite all the kids in the neighborhood along with their parents. Have fun games that children like to play.

Organizing sporting activities can help your children to find new friends. Children spend a lot of time during practice and games. Also, you'll be meeting other parents while watching all the games. If your children have physical problems, you can enroll them activities such as scouting or any other local organization for children.

Do not be so protective. You're preventing your children from enjoying and learning about life outside their home. You may want to protect them from external influence but they need similar exposures as other kids. Remember other kids are teasing them being abnormal. Can you imagine their predicaments in public when they know nothing about the current hot shows on TV, latest fashion that kids wear and hottest bands that make their way in the Billboard? By secluding them, they will face a hard time adjusting themselves in the society when they have to leave home.


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Category:  Children: School
Related Links:  | Children:Activities and FunChallenges | School | Parenting | Stories | Babies |

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