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Category:  Romance

Handmade Wedding Invitations

 Tips And Tricks To Make Them Look Beautiful

By Chris Morton

Some brides want to add their own special touch to their wedding invitations, and creating handmade invitations can add a sense of individuality and flair to that special day. However, before you head out to the craft store to start building your own invitations, there are some tips and tricks of the trade that will keep you from getting frustrated as you make your own wedding invitations.

Decide How “Handmade” They Will Be
How far do you want to go in your handmade invitations? Do you want to go completely from scratch by making your own paper? Do you want to do your own calligraphy? Or are you just interested in saving money by printing the invitations on your home printer? Before you decide to go with handmade invitations, you need to decide just how “handmade” your wedding invitations will be and how much work you want to do yourself.

Give Yourself Enough Time
You may think you are saving time and money by making your own wedding invitations, but these crafts are not always as time saving as you may think. If you are making your own paper and handwriting 500 invitations, then you need to start working on those invitations early. Make sure you determine how long it will take to make one invitation, then add 20 percent extra time, and decide if you have enough free time to get them completed before you have to mail out those wedding invitations.

Find the Right Supplies, at the Right Price
Making handmade wedding invitations is not always cost effective. Sometimes the supplies can get pricey. One benefit you have if you are planning your wedding early is that you can shop around for your supplies. While the local craft store may seem a simple option, it is unlikely that they are giving you the best price. You should try to find your supplies at wholesale outlets online. This way you can order the things you will need for your handmade wedding invitations in bulk, saving you more money.

Practice, Practice, Practice
Some brides decide to make their wedding invitations, yet they have never really done any crafting before. It is a good idea to try out your ideas before you order 500 fancy paper flowers to decorate your wedding invitations. By practicing you will not only become more adept at making your invitations, but you will be able to perfect your design. It may seem cliché, but in this case practice really does make perfect.

Know Your Limitations
Try as you might, your skills may not be good enough to create elegant handmade wedding invitations. Don’t fret. Try sharing the responsibility with other crafters or using pre-made supplies. For instance, if making your own paper is turning into a messy disaster, try buying handmade paper and adding your own flair. If your calligraphy leaves something to be desired, try using a professional calligrapher to handwrite on your own creations. Being flexible will help you stay stress-free as you make your own wedding invitations.

About the Author: Chris Morton ran hotels and restaurants for 10 years, organising many successful weddings in the process. His wife Sue is a wedding coordinator who has help many nervous brides and their families.


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Category:  Romance

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