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Holiday Savings


By Debra Jacobson

When the holidays come around we all find the spirit of giving, making, and spending. The latter is the one we dread, but it is also the one we can work around if we have the right tips to follow. We may enjoy the aspects of writing out the lists, checking them twice, and then delving into a full-blown travel spree to find everything we have decided upon, but it is the actual spending of our own hard-earned money that puts us in a bind. We love our friends and family and we love to give them gifts to show them that we care but we have to draw the line somewhere. Every year we go through the ritual of piling up credit card debt at the end of the year and then paying it off the next. We have to stop the cycle sometime and what better time than now?

We deserve to save money; shopping-wise is the best way to show that you care for not only others, but also for yourself. We have all read magazine articles that display beautiful pictures of hand-made baskets, ornaments, and gifts that no one would ever guess was made by hand. Isn.t it time you made someone.s day with a beautiful gift that didn.t cost you your arm or your leg? By diving into a pile of craft magazines, Do-It-Yourself blogs, and crafter.s articles you can find amazing ideas for incredible gifts that you.ll be proud to display below your tree. It is always said that to give of your time is better than to give your money. It.s true! Would you rather receive a beautiful basket of soaps, lotions, and pampering items, or a gift certificate to Wal-Greens? It is all about personalization and making a gift that matches the personality and likes of the one it is meant for.

What about making dessert gifts this year? Making recipes of delicious desserts, cookies, brownies, and other yummy items and wrapping them in beautiful papers and foils makes great gifts that costs less than a tank of gas. You could even save enough to buy supplies to create your own outdoor/indoor holiday decorations. When mastered that then it is time to have the holiday gathering at your house. You can create amazing holidays for much less than ever spent before, have plenty left over, and then have family and friends asking you for your secret; it is possible, it is frugal, it is all about saving for the holidays.

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