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Having an Inexpensive Prom

By Dee Bailey

Our friends at were nice enough to share some tips with readers on how to have an inexpensive prom.

Prom is a cherished teenage memory, and one that comes with a cost. But does it have to? The answer is: no! Prom does not have to expensive. Here are several tips on how to have an inexpensive prom:

Don't Buy a Dress/Tux

Prom dresses are worn for only a few hours and usually cost several hundred dollars. Do the math. You are literally paying in the neighborhood of $25-$50 an hour for wearing that dress. Some doctors don't even make that much money per hour! Erase a huge expense by renting a prom dress or making your own prom dress. Young men can save money as well by renting a tuxedo. Consider pooling together several friends and visiting a tuxedo rental store and asking if they can offer you any type of group discount.

Hair and Makeup

Save money on hair and makeup by having a trusted family member do it, or by visiting a nearby beauty school and inquiring if any students would like to practice by doing your prom hair and makeup. Normally the students are proficient and able to work for next to nothing under their teacher's supervision. A quick google search for some prom makeup tips can also give you all the information you need to do your own makeup.

Additional Costs to Cut

Most prom expenses are simply unnecessary. Drive yourself to prom or have a family member drop you off instead of renting a limo. If you insist on renting a limo, pool together several friends to split the costs and stop hiring the limo once you are dropped off at prom; a friend or family member can pick you up later.

Cut down on the cost of flowers by making your own or asking your florist to recommend something for the best value. Photography costs can be close to eliminated by having a friend or family member with some functioning photography skills take your photos.

After prom activities can also be quite the expense, but they don't have to be. Brainstorm amongst your friends to see if anyone's parents would like to host an after-prom party. Sweeten the offer from the parents' perspective by offering to have everyone chip in to provide drinks, snacks, etc.

Finally, if even these tips don't help put prom within reach, consider throwing an anti-prom prom. Open up your house to anyone who can't go to prom for whatever reason. Have one rule: everyone must bring one snack. Make up some games, watch some movies, and have a great time. The spirit of prom is about getting together with your classmates for a night of fun. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to accomplish that!

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