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The Marriage And Problems Solution

 Three Happy Marriage Principles

By Claude J Anthony

Does it seem to you that marriage and problems are the Siamese twins of human relationships? If so, I want you to know that you can replace these twins with love and happiness.

That's the way it was meant to be.

Yes, with the right knowledge and counsel, you can solve your marriage problems and have a great, loving relationship. It's just a matter of knowing what to do and then doing it.

The three happy-marriage principles below can help you breath new live into your marriage and help you to get the fire back!

Happy Marriage Principle 1 - Practice Good Communication!

Every couple that is experiencing the "marriage and problems syndrome" needs good communication. Good communication is indispensable for a happy marriage.

Great communication will enrich your marital relationship and cause your problems to dissipate. This does not mean that marriage problems will never come, but that you will be able to resolve them. And, as a result, your marriage will come out better than ever.

You must learn to just sit down with your spouse and talk. Not to accuse, not to criticize, not to vent...just to figure out why this problem is happening and then to do whatever it takes to avoid it in the future.

That's what makes for good, loving communication.

Happy Marriage Principle 2 - You Must Forgive and forget!

As humans we have a common problem that keeps creeping up. We too often forget that we are all imperfect. Yes, that means you too. Both you and your spouse occasionally blow it and need to be forgiven.

As a result, we all need to practice a little more patience and forgiveness. Because we live in an age of stress, it is much easier for us to be harsh or impatient. When we are relaxed and rested, we are more patient and, well, likable. But stress is a modern-day reality.

When couples are stressed, bad things happen.

We need to just accept the fact that we all make mistakes, say wrong words, and do wrong actions. Therefore it is important for you to learn to forgive and forget, and then be thankful when your spouse does the same for you.

Happy Marriage Principle 3 - Remember That Love Is Not A One-Way Street!

Marriage and problems. It is incredible that this issue can be resolved by understanding this one little principle: "love is not a one-way street." There has to be give and take from both parties in the relationship to make it what it should be. And the "give" should always come first. Each spouse should be focusing on the give, not the take.

Here is what I consider to be the best definition of true love on this planet: "Love is a choice to sacrifice for the good of another..." My guarantee to you is that if both of you will just dedicate yourselves to mutual love by putting each other first, you will end up with a wonderful marriage...and you both will be very happy.

My wife and I have been living together this way for over 44 years and we are still very happily married...and very much in love.

The 3 principles I've given you above are indispensable if you want a healthy, happy marriage. Marriage and problems do not have to go together! However, there is more to creating great relationships:

If you would like more information on how to solve your marriage problems, go to my Marriage and Problems Resolutions page now! Or click this link => Marriage Help Book to learn how to choose the very best book to help your marriage today.


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Category:  Romance

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