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Category:  Beauty

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Avoid And Easily Undo Knotty Hair

By Kristy Klien

Your hair enhances your personality by adding inherent beauty and charisma. While your face reflects the qualities and strengths of your character, your hair style helps you look different in a crowd.

If you want to maintain shiny and beautiful hair, you must take adequate care by using good quality hair products and having a nutritious diet. Some people are blessed with naturally beautiful hair, which is not very difficult to manage. But, some women may face the problem of having knotty hair, which consumes a lot of time and efforts to fix this problem.

However, it is possible to avoid and untangle knotty hair, if you take some effective measures as we have listed below:

1) Using an inadequate shampoo is one of the primary reasons of tangles and snarls. While using a shampoo, you must gently massage it on your scalp. Donít pile up your hair on top of your head while washing your hair. This would definitely create knots with most of your hair strands getting into a small area on your head.

2) When you wash your hair, you must avoid brushing it when it is wet. Wet hair is more delicate, and thus should not be brushed. This may tear its cuticle. If you cannot avoid doing so, you must comb it softly in order to avoid hair breakage and damage.

3) If you have long, knotty hair, you should not leave it open. This is because open hair attracts more dirt and dandruff, and may be very difficult to manage, the well-tied hair remain less tangled.

4) For very bad tangles, it is advisable to use a good-quality conditioner. You should divide your hair into two-three parts while applying a conditioner, and then apply it on each part, this will help you dampen all strands and provide them uniform conditioning. ĒA conditioner effectively nourishes your hair and makes it look soft, silky and manageable.

5) If you have knotty hair, you must regularly get it styled. If you have longer hair, you should trim it every 2-3 months. This would allow you to get rid of split ends, which can make the problem of knotty hair worse.

6) Comb your hair by using a wide teeth comb. This allows each curl to fall into its natural position.

7) You should refrain from using a brush. Remember, you should always comb curly hair, and not brush it. Otherwise, your hair may start looking frizzy and unhealthy.

8) Before you go to sleep, you should apply a little hair cream and wrap your hair. The very next day, you can style the way you want.

9) You should keep your hair properly moist and wash it once in 2 days to remove dirt and grease.

10) It is highly recommended to avoid using a blow dryer on wet hair as this may damage your hair and may make it look rough and dry.

Follow all the tips listed above to enjoy a nice hair cleaning and maintenance session. Soon, you would yourself getting accustomed to these tips and adopt them as a way of life.

About the Author: Kristy is a professional hair stylist and writer for My Hair Styling Tools a leading supplier of Professional Hair Tools Visit us at:


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Category:  Beauty
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