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Category:  Beauty

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Which Hair Style Suits You?

 Short, Long, Spiky, Sleek, The Bob,
Straight, Curly?

By Sarah H

Hair styles are like stars in the sky; no one knows exactly how many there are! It may sound funny, but it’s actually pretty true. There seems to be a hair style for every type, texture, and color of hair, for every occasion and for every personality including who opt for letting a professional work his/her magic and those who prefer to experiment in their own bathrooms. It’s amazing what can be done with hair. It is so versatile to work with and anything that is done to your hair in terms of styling can be undone and even if it may take a few months the significance here is that it is not permanent, which is probably the reason that people experiment so much. So what have some of these experiments yielded over the years? Incalculable different types of hair styles! And here are just a few of the many, many types.

For starters, going short is a hairstyle in itself, and if you wish to get a short hairstyle, you have a vast range of types of short hair styles to choose from. The Bob is probably the most sought after short hair style simply because it is both trendy and easy to manage. But the bob cut can be altered in a variety of ways to make it a completely new type of bob hairstyle. There are all-in-one length bobs, inverted bobs, layered bobs and bobs with long, short sweeping, fringed or choppy bangs among others. Color and highlights are also used to give bobs of any type depth and difference.

Apart from the bob hairstyle, which is fairly long compared to other types of short cuts, the variety of styles is just as vast. For those wanting to go really short, you have the option of choosing the ‘short and sleek’ style which is great for dead-straight, full hair, there is also the ‘short cropped’ and ‘short and spiky’ styles that are edgy and fresh and the ‘pixie cuts’ that are cute but sexy. Again, color and highlighting can make the difference between an ordinary short hairstyle and an extraordinary short hairstyle!

Like short hairstyles, long hairstyles come in an equally vast range of different types and variations. Long hair in general, is a style, but it does not work for everyone, especially those with fine or thin hair as the weight that comes with the length will make hair look stringy and even more flat. But for those who find that long hair works, there are numerous things you can do to add more life or appeal to your hair. Going curly, or straightening curly hair are great ways to change up your look for different occasions. Changing your hair color or adding highlights, are also great ways to change your look on a more seasonal level, for instance many people opt for highlight during summer.

But when it comes down to the actual cut of your long hair, that should be determined on various factors the major of which is the shape of your face. The shape of your face will lead you to choosing a haircut that will suit you best. Short bangs, or sweeping bangs, parting hair in different ways are also great ways to enhance a hair cut. Also it is a good idea to start collecting hair accessories to keep your long hair looking stylish, but tidy and out of the way when it's down. Headbands, lace, ribbon, barrettes, jeweled or beaded clips and pins are the daily staples of long hair devotees.

The vast and varied types of hairstyles can be easily seen on everyone walking around, but remember that everyone has different qualities, features, bone structures and personalities so what’s good for someone else may not necessarily be good for you. But the good news is that if you see a type of hairstyle style or cut that is appealing to you, you should get some professional advice on how it will look on you, and if you find that the particular style or cut will not do you justice you and your hairdresser can come up with a variation of the style that you like and that will look great on you, and this is the benefit of having so many styles, types and cuts to choose from when it comes to your hair.

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Category:  Beauty
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