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Category:  Beauty

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Hair Straighteners

By James A

Do you have curly hair and wish it were straight? Have you investigated the variety of treatments available? You may want to investigate the positive as well as the negatives to chemical as well as SEDU which involves the use of a tool.

If you choose to use chemicals then the result is that your hair will be permanently straightened. This is an involved process that rearranges the actual structure of your hair. Chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and others are used to actually change the make up of your hair. These chemicals are very potent and can actually damage your hair if not used correctly. Consult a hair professional if you are considering chemical straightening.

The steps that are involved in chemical straightening involve testing your hair. The professional will test a few strands of your hair to see how it reacts to the process.

It is important to protect the scalp as chemical treatments can burn the scalp and cause permanent damage.

The chemicals should be mixed with hot water and then placed on the hair. This is when the actual straightening process takes place.

The process involves special conditioners which relax the scalp.

There are some disadvantages to this process. The process can be expensive if done by a hair care professional. It is also time consuming and regular treatments are needed for upkeep. There is a chance that you may be burned or you may react adversely to the chemicals.

The use of SEDU or a hair straightening tool can be done by anyone. The tool is easy to use and depending on the length of your hair, if can take approximately 10-15 minutes each morning to straighten your hair. The risk of burning or damage to your hair is much less.

The following recommendations are suggested if using a SEDU:

Always use the tool on clean hair. Make sure you are using conditioners so that your hair is healthy.

It is recommended that you use the tool on partially dry hair. This prevents your hair from drying out. If your hair is a little damp it will make the straightening process easier.

Divide your hair into sections and use the tool on one section at a time. Depending on the length of your hair, this may take anywhere from 10- 15 minutes.

Make sure you brush your hair so that it is not left in divided sections!

The tool is inexpensive and comes with complete instructions. The directions are very easy to follow and the tool can be used at home. The risk is minimal to your hair and scalp.

If you are interested in straightening your hair, consider both options. The most important consideration is healthy hair. Which ever method you choose, make sure that you are protecting the health of your hair.

About the Author: Developer and Internet Entrepreneur. For more info on hair related topics go to: (Hair Care) (Hair removal)


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Category:  Beauty
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