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Creating A Dream Room for Your Child

By Pamela Cole Harris

Purple and green striped walls? A ceiling painted with daisies or purple dinosaurs (can they actually SLEEP with purple dinosaurs on the ceiling?) Whatever the motif, every child needs a special place of their own - some place that reflects their personality and their creativity. You and your child can create that space with a few dollars and a lot of imagination.

* While expensive wallpaper may look great in your child's room, chances are your child's taste will change in a few years. Painting the room will make it easier to change and will be more durable than wallpaper. You and your child can create patterns such as stripes or geometric shapes. An easy way to create a custom look is to take simple patterns from coloring books or comic books to create stencils in bright colors.

* Buy good used wood furniture at yard sales or thrift stores and paint it to match the new patterns on the bedroom walls. Or paint the furniture to resemble buildings, trees or characters. You can even paint the furniture to remind your child of special times in his/her life.

* Instead of wallpaper or wainscoting, try nailing fencing to the wall. You can paint the background with outdoor scenes (clouds, trees, rolling hills, etc.) Or paint the fencing to resemble an Old West fort for your favorite cowboy!

* To make quick and easy patterns on the walls, cut an inexpensive sponge into shapes. You can make diamonds, stars, hearts, moons, squiggles, and flowers. Just dip in paint and press the pattern on the wall.

* A great way to inspire a budding artist is to paint the lower portions of the walls with chalkboard paint. Your child can then draw on the walls to his/her heart's content! The paint is available at most home improvement centers.

Whichever theme your child would like: train, race cars, princess, construction, beach, spaceship, forest, garden or a favorite cartoon, use your imagination and perhaps more important, your CHILD's imagination to create a room that reflects your child's personality. You will be rewarded by a happier and more secure child. And take heart - the purple dinosaurs stage will pass.


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
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