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From Erratic to Elegant

10 Effortless Ways to Organize Your Room Accessories

By Pamela Cole Harris

Are the accessories in your room more clutter than collection? Are they erratic instead of elegant? Grouping your accessories in ways that enhance your dicor can be effortless. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Group your accessories in odd numbers - three or five is a perfect number.

2. Vary the sizes of the accessories you use. Don't group items together that are all similar sizes. Vary the arrangement with a tall, short, wide or narrow item.

3. Accessorize a contemporary room more sparsely than a traditional or country room. The clean lines of a modern dicor can be spoiled by lots of accessorizing (no teddy bears or doilies allowed!).

4. Accessorize a small room with items that have more visual impact when viewed up close, like a treasured music box or picture frame. Larger rooms can be accessorized with items that have visual drama when viewed from afar, like a bookcase or antique desk.

5. Use a symmetrical arrangement in a formal space with more traditional furnishings. If your room is casual and contemporary, develop an asymmetrical arrangement.

6. Unite the room by repeating a color in at least three objects or areas of the room. This gives pleasing visual balance to the room.

7. When you group accessories of different sizes and shapes, unite then with either color or material. A group of bottles of differing shapes or sizes all made of glass can be a wonderful arrangement. An arrangement of mid-century kitchen utensils in red can add drama and fun to any space.

8. Experiment with groups of accessories in a color which is a counterpoint to the main color of the room. Go for contrast and drama! That splash of purple in a yellow room! That bit of orange against a muted earthtone background!

9. Try accessories in different areas of the room. Move them occasionally to change the visual interest and flow of the room. Surprise the eye!

10. When you are choosing an accessory for your room, ask yourself: -Would I consider this piece interesting if it were the only accessory in the room? If so, keep it! If not, discard it!

There you are! Now you can turn all your "stuff" into "stimulating statements of style!" Want to go for "devilish demonstration of design?" How about "delightful domain of decor?" Naw...that's going TOO far!

Pamela Cole Harris is an editor, writer and eco-decorator with over 35 years experience. Visit her website,, for her unique perspective on decorating and remodeling (and a free newsletter!). Or for original content for your website, written especially for your keywords and audience, visit


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
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