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Tuscan Style Decorating

 Three Essentials

By Michael J. Holland

If Under the  Tuscan Sun left you breathlessly and hopelessly in love with  style decorating you're certainly not alone.  The rolling hills and the call of the earth itself seem to have imparted their presence into the psyche of those who either read the book or saw the movie.

This growing trend in  Tuscan style decorating is similar to the which- came-first theory of the chicken or the egg.  Whichever the answer, the results are genuinely inspirational.  Images of our direct connection to the earth itself are born and spark a craving for the proximity of familiar faces.

In  Tuscan style decorating we are able to reflect our passion for that connection to the earth and to what is real.  All that which is old and forgotten becomes new and significant again.

Elements of  Tuscan style decorating incorporate the outdoors within the inside confines of where we live.  You don't have to be outside to commune with nature.  It instead communes in harmony with the life inside our homes.

Colors in  Tuscan style decorating

Warmth and intensity ... just as in fine Italian coffee fills the vivid color palette of this style.  The earth's hues in ranges from blistering yellow like the sun itself to the concentrated gold's like those she hides in her furthermost crevices are used throughout this theme.  Intense shades of russet and chocolate are likewise incorporated abundantly with prominent amounts of terra cotta.

Other earth tones are likewise blended in  Tuscan style decorating harmony.  Include expressions of coal black, deep pool or lake blue, and olive with hints of sea green in combination with generous amounts of rusty reds for added spice.  

Stone in  Tuscan style decorating

When it comes to home décor, this style is literally the salt of the earth.  Natural stones and rocks from the earth itself bear this evidence.  Even bricks, which are made by man, begin with clay and other elements of the earth.

Stone is used in  Tuscan style decorating very effectively in kitchens and in bathrooms.  Other places where it makes a powerful statement are in fireplace surrounds and hearts as well as in foyers and other entrances.  Creating a faux stone wall adds an immediate  Tuscan air to any room.

Before choosing stone for your  Tuscan style decorating project, know the physical qualities of any stone you're considering.  Before you decide which stone to use where to use it, you need to know its limitations.  The three most commonly used stones are granite, limestone and marble.

Granite - strong, long-lasting and heat-resistant.  This stone creates a stunning  Tuscan style decorating focal point, but is expensive.

Limestone - natural in appearance, but very absorbent and stains easily.  It is typically used in flooring and for shower interiors but is not recommended for areas that receive frequent traffic.  Marble - soft and porous, unsuitable for kitchen countertops, recommended for bathrooms and floors.  Use unpolished to best compliment this theme.

Metal in  Tuscan style decorating

True to the concept existing in harmony with the earth, the idea in  Tuscan style decorating is to appreciate the natural.  Instead of using highly polished metals that have a shiny appearance, you'll be incorporating metals from the past.

Select basic tin pieces to create a feeling of genuineness.  If you're creative, you may even want to try your hand at making your own tin  Tuscan style decorating accessories.  You can go as basic or bold as you like from doing a simple picture frame to a tin insert for an antique cabinet.

Mix in other unpolished metals like copper, iron and pewter as well for dramatic effects.

Michael Holland is the creator of and His web sites offers lots of FREE decorating tips and ideas for decorating your home.  


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