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Buying Furniture on a Budget

By Veronica Smith

Buying furniture for a new home can often be quite expensive. It can also be difficult to figure out just exactly what type of furniture pieces you will need, and how much you should budget for the expense of the purchases. Doing your research before purchasing is the best way of ending up with the furniture you need, while sticking to a budget that you establish before the shopping begins.

Work from a List

Before you actually start shopping for furniture for a new home, you should make a list, room by room, of the items you think you need. After you have a list, think about furniture pieces you already own, and whether you can repurpose them in different ways in the rooms of your new home. If so, mark those furniture items off your list. After you have completed the list, mark down some basic measurements for each item, based on the amount of space you have in the various rooms. This will give you a good guide to use when you start shopping.

Price Research

Doing some online research before you start visiting stores is often the best way to establish a working budget for your furniture expenses. Using the list you developed earlier, do some Internet searches to find out what the basic price ranges are for the types of furniture pieces you need. Write these price ranges down, in addition to any specific brands or models you came across that you particularly liked, as you might be able to find these in local stores as well.

Create your Budget

Once you have a price range for every item of furniture that you think you will need to buy, calculate the average price for each item and add all the prices together to get a total budget. You can create this total in any manner that would be most helpful to you, such as pricing all the furniture for a single room, if you plan on buying the furniture using a room-by-room approach, or by the level of need you have for the furniture items. For example, if you have a list of furniture items for a bedroom that includes the bed, dresser, side tables and armoire, you might decide that getting the bed and dresser are urgent, but that you can wait for the other pieces until you've saved up more money. This method can be a good way of managing your furniture budget.

Shop Carefully

After creating your list and establishing your budget, you are ready to begin shopping. Take all options into consideration by checking out second hand shops, online sources, flea markets and garage sales, because often you can find high quality furniture pieces at good prices when you buy second-hand items. Purchase only the items you need, and keep careful track of your budget. Concentrating on the furniture items you need the most is a good way to make sure you don't run out of budget funds before you get all the necessary furniture items purchased.

Veronica Smith is a freelance artist and consultant with She enjoys sharing her creative approach to contemporary metal wall art and gives writers the confidence to artisan metal wall art.

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