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General Cheap Vacation Ideas

By Cary Anderson

No matter your budget or available funds, the idea of taking a vacation appeals to everyone at one point or another. For most people, a vacation, especially one that involves leaving the country, seems like an insurmountable expense. But you’d be surprised how affordable some vacations can be under the right amount of planning. Even a tropical island vacation might fit into your budget a bit more easily than you would imagine. Try following some of these tips to make your vacation as frugal-friendly as possible:

Be Flexible

As a rule, the more flexible your travel plans are, the more likely you are to find something to fit your budget. Your dates need to be flexible. Your possible locations need to be flexible. You need to be willing to fly with multiple connections, etc. The more flexible you are, the more options will be open to you. The more options that are open to you, the more likely you are to find a trip for a fantastic price.

Consider a Cruise

A cruise can make for a surprisingly cheap and fun vacation. Most cruise lines offer trips with fantastically low prices. The benefits of a cruise are that once you’re on board, all food and drinks are included (except alcohol). Check out Caribbean cruise ports and look around for your cheap cruise vacation.

Or an All-Inclusive

Another vacation idea that tends to be generally cheap is visiting an all-inclusive resort. While there are some all-inclusive resorts that command a handsome nightly price-tag, many of them are shockingly affordable. During off-peak times of the year, one night in a nice, all-inclusive resort for two people in a place such as Cancun, Mexico might only be $100-$150 a night. This includes all meals and alcohol. The downsides to an all-inclusive are that you’re pretty much priced-in to never leaving your resort once you get there.

Travel Off-Peak

As a rule, traveling is tremendously more affordable during off-peak times of the year than during peak traveling season. Consider taking a trip during a time when it seems no one else would ever be taking one. Early December is a great example. People just got done traveling for Thanksgiving. They’re about to embark on Christmas travel plans. No one travels during early December which makes it a very affordable option.

Climate is also a major indicator of peak season. If you want to go somewhere tropical, go there during that place’s most undesirable month in terms of weather. It will still probably be pretty nice and you’ll save a bundle by not insisting on the most ideal beach experience.

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