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Category:  Gardening

Saving Money Gardening and Landscaping

Here are some ways to save money gardening and landscaping your home. There are also links to articles with informative and creative design ideas.

Cheap Landscaping Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Free Gardening

Help Your Kids Earn Extra Money With Vegetables

Easy & Frugal Garden Hacks

Xeriscaping As Money Saving Home Maintenance

Regrow Vegetables to Save on Healthy Produce

3 Cost-saving Gardening Tips for Beginners

How to Create Bottle Gourd Scarecrows

Garden Art: Butterfly Garden Stake

Creating a Simple Teacup Birdfeeder

5 Ways to Save on Your Water Bill

What to Do with All Those Drink Pouches?

Frugal Gardening Tips

Inexpensive Garden Projects You Can Start Now

Easy Ways to Cut Gardening Expenses

Growing Flower and Vegetable Plants from Seed Saves Money

Frugal Gardening Tips

Saving Money with an Indoor Winter Garden
Gardening on a Budget, 10 Low Cost Gardening Tips
Growing a Garden for Frugal Eating
Container Gardening and Hanging Baskets
Container Gardening Basics
Growing Fruits and Vegetables in Containers
Growing Kitchen Herbs in Containers
How To Plan an Herb Garden
Tips For Creating Beautiful Hang Baskets
A Potpourri Of Landscaping Advice
Beyond Beauty: The Benefits of Landscaping
Choosing Easy-Care Shrubs
Creative Landscaping with Railroad Ties
Landscaping Tiny Lawns
Smaller Trees for Greater Impact
Lawn Care
Electric Lawnmowers Buying Guide
Lawn Care Maintenance For Mere Mortals
Installing a Brick or Paver Walkway
Water Features
How to Build a Pond; Easily, Cheaply and Beautifully
Water Features (cont)
Make an Easy and Elegant Bird Bath
Annual Color - Eye-Catching Color Combinations and Ideas
Flowers and Butterflies, the Perfect Combination
How to Attract Hummingbirds
How To Plant Your Flower Bulbs For Beautiful Spring Colors

Mix Perennials into Your  Garden for Staying Power
Tips to Improve the Functionality and Atmosphere of Your Patio with Plants


Garden Tidbits- Daylily and Strawberry

How To Grow Luscious Tomatoes

Fruit Trees
Tips for Growing Fruit Trees
Pest Control

Got Bugs?  Get Rid of Garden Pests Naturally

Rid Your Garden of Slugs 

Fun Homemade Yard Art You Can Make Yourself

Brighten the Winter Months with Forced Flower Bulbs

Grow a Garden to Save Money

A New Use For Used (And Broken) Tile
Gardening with Children
Simple Home and Garden Tips You'll Love


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Category:  Gardening

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