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Finding Decorating Treasures At Garage Sales

By Julie Lohmeier

As they say, one woman's junk is another's treasure. If you'd like to add interesting pieces to your home that are old, have a history and story, and also fit some the latest trends in decorating, go to garage sales. You can also try estate sales. You may have to really hunt around, or just stop when you drive by. You never know when you may find a great item to decorate your house.

Here are examples of some garage sale finds that are also hot in decorating today.

1) Frameless, beveled edge mirrors. Oval, round, or even scalloped edges, these are quite popular now.

2) Old gooseneck desk lamps or lever lamps. The more antique they look, the better.

3) Baskets and boxes. Various sizes, shapes, and colors. Use on shelves, countertops, stairs, and more. The boxes should show their age and travel with some nicks, cuts, and scratches.

4) Straw gardening hats. Use in an arrangement on the wall. Add some ribbon or bows for a bit more color.

5) Old style clocks. Use singly or in a collection. Don't forget to wind them up!

6) Old pitchers. Use to display cut or silk flowers in a kitchen or on a bedroom dresser to evoke an old-fashioned atmosphere.

7) Galvanized pails. Put a few holes in the bottom and use as a planter. Or put a pot right inside. Easy and quaint.

8) Nautical items. Marine decor is big. But look for authentic, older items. They'll add charm at a reduced cost: oars, life preserver, buoys, coral (natural or painted), shells.

9) Antique signs. They can be for anything from corn seed to Coca Cola. Simply hang on the wall to enhance a theme to room or bring a touch of nostalgia.

Just keep a sharp eye out and an open mind, you can surely find an interesting decor piece for your home.

Julie Lohmeier is the veteran of numerous home remodeling and building projects. From working hands on and doing much of the work herself to hiring contractors and construction managers, she has seen the entire spectrum of home improvement. She shares her remodeling tips, home decorating ideas, and other various rants at Sign up for her free email newsletter at:


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Category: | Shopping Help |

Related Links:  | Clothing |

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