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Overstuffed Life?

 Scale Back

by Kathy Gates

Have you ever read a novel or watched a movie that just seemed to have too much stuff, and not enough plot? You probably got so off course in all the side stories, useless characters, and oddities that you practically lost the true story line.

Life can be the same way. You can lose interest in it, because it gets crammed with bits and pieces that arenít essential to you, to YOUR story, and they actually take away from what you want the world to see, what youíre trying to do, who you are.

Here are 3 ways to scale back an overstuffed lifestyle

1. State a purpose.

If you could write your life as a book, what would it be about? What would be the purpose, the intention? Think about your highest goal in life to tell you what your "story" is about, and where you want it to go. What do you want to have happen and to whom, with what resolution?

2. Take Stock. Look for things, circumstances, situations, problems, roles, responsibilities, even people that are not supporting what you want the plot of your life to be about. Look for things that may be drawing you away from your true values, your true needs, your true desires. Check through your life and look for things that donít relate to your ideas, your beliefs, your needs and wants. Look at it with fresh eyes, a fresh perspective, or ask someone that you trust to help you do that.

3. Edit it.

Like in the movies or in novel writing, a good edit is usually as important as the story itself. This can be the hard part, but it's essential. Start small, thoughtfully and carefully asking yourself about each part: Is my time spent in a way I want to spend it? Is this responsibility something I really care about? Does this role fit with what I see my life being? Does this item/thing make me smile? Or is it a part of my life just because it "ended up there".

Where are you overstuffed in your personal or professional life? Like a good story, itís the balance, the combination, the interlocking of the pieces that make it work and make it worthwhile. Be true to your story, be true to your plot, and youíll see a life emerge that is clear, and interesting, and all that you want it to be.

Professional Life Coach Kathy Gates works with people who have created too much in their life and feel a need to design a simple, sustainable, flexible life. Visit, or call 480.998.5843


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Category:  Simple Living

Related Links:  | Simple LivingPriorities |

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