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Category:  Health
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Can You Be Virtually Problem Free?

By Kathy Gates

Can your life really be problem free? Arenít problems just a part of modern living? Yes and No. I believe that by learning to anticipate problems instead of waiting for them to hit you over the head, you will find that yes, your life will be virtually problem free.

And yes, I see those hands waving at me. And of course, youíre right. Thereís no way you can foresee every single problem even in a car or a home, much less in your life. Things do happen over which you have no control.

But as in the example of the car, if you have the tires checked regularly, and get a tune up, and have the oil changed, the likelihood of an unexpected problem is severely diminished.

The keyword here is ďunexpectedĒ. Problems will arise, thatís life. Things will leap out from you behind stranded cars, and dark bushes. Thatís life.

But if you can anticipate them -- or at least be prepared in the event of them-- then the impact is much less devastating.

The same with your life.

If you budget your money, set aside extra for emergencies, and make sure you have enough insurance to cover disasters, you will be less likely to encounter financial problems that could potentially ruin you.

If you have your health checked routinely, when a problem arises, it will be caught in the earliest stages and treated most aggressively. Waiting until a health problem presents itself could be too late.

If you choose your relationships carefully, and exercise boundaries and high standards, you will have happier more successful interactions.

Problem Free living is a pre-emptive strike. Itís building the ark before the water rises. Itís saving for college before sheís 18. Itís living life on your terms instead of the economyís.

Itís proactive vs. reactive.

Put these ideas to work in your life and youíll see the stress-less benefits immediately.

Shoot for Simplicity  While itís an old joke almost, the less you have, the less you have to break down. I remember my dad hated when electric car windows first came out. ďJust something else to repairĒ, heíd grumble. Does that mean you should deprive yourself of new and improved things in life? No. It does mean that you should consciously consider what is contributing, and what is contaminating, the quality of your life.

Listen to your inklings  They are wise: Have you ever noticed a clink clink clink in your car, maybe even reported it to a significant other, or a mechanic, but were told it was probably just a rock in the hubcap? Then later find out it was the start of a big problem? Trust yourself. If you feel something is wrong in your finances, or your relationships, or your job, check things out. Listen closely. Trust yourself.

Rally the Reserves  Reserves are the ultimate in planning ahead. Having reserves means exactly what it appears to -- you have extra. But itís not just about stockpiling, although that is a basic starting point. Also create a reserve of love in your life, a reserve of support for those bad days, a reserve of opportunities for when lifeís winds blow.

Choose Better  That really sounds easy enough, doesnít it? Then why is it so darn hard? The trick is in learning 2 new habits: (1) Choose consciously. We generally know when our choice is right as opposed to and when itís coming from somewhere thatís selfish, or immature, or fearful. When you are living life consciously, it makes it easier to choose better because you KNOW the results will be better. (2) Never trade what you want at the moment for what you want the most. Itís too easy to just give in and do whatever feels good at the moment. Evaluate each choice in light of what you ultimately want in your life.

Waiting until the storm arrives is usually too late to do much to help. Learning to be proactive in your life is the ticket to making a life that is less stressful and more joyful. And you too can be virtually problem free.

Kathy Gates is a Professional Life Coach in Scottsdale Arizona. What is Life Coaching? Your life --only easier happier, more joyful! Learn more about how to create a simpler, less stressful, more joyful lifestyle.

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Category:  Health

Related Links | Healthy Living | Stress | Emotional Well-being | Cutting Medical Costs |

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