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7 Things Happy People Have In Common

by Kathy Gates

Ever notice how some people just seem to be able to be content and bounce back no matter what the circumstances?   Research shows that this isnít a gift or a talent Ė itís a skill that they have developed.  Surprised?  Well, the real surprise is that you too can put to work their techniques and make your life happier too.

1.  Happy people cooperate with life.

Each person has a destiny to fulfill.  You can fight it or cooperate with it.  Does that mean you just lay back and let life happen?  No.  But you can adopt the attitude that you will play the cards you are dealt the very best you can.  When you begin to cooperate with life, you will notice new ways in which you are motivated.  Life wants you to realize your destiny.  Wouldnít you rather cooperate than battle with life?

2.  Happy people donít just think positive, they act positive. Thinking positive definitely has its place, and youíll need to change your thoughts to ever be truly happy.  But donít wait on the feelings to come.  You have direct control over how you act and what you think (feelings and physiology are indirectly affected).  If you want to be a happier person, act happier.  If you want to be a more compassionate person, act more compassionate.  If you want to be a friendlier person, act friendlier.  The feelings will follow.

3.  Happy people ask for what they need.

Good things donít generally just fall out of the sky. Complaining gets you nothing, except to attract you to other complainers.  If you believe that ďyou reap what you sowĒ, then asking for what you want makes much more sense than sowing complaints.  Itís your choice-- you can choose to point fingers and assign blame, and still end up with nothing.  Or you can simply ask.

4.  Happy people are willing to change.

Itís contrary to all laws of nature for things to stand still. If you try to make that happen, youíll always be disappointed. If you let fear of change stop you, you are in essence *agreeing* to not having what you want.  You can believe that change will harm you and resist it.  Or you can embrace it and believe that it will help you.  It all depends on what you decide to believe.

5.  Happy people donít allow themselves to be defeated. A failure or set back does not mean that the goal will never be yours, nor is it evidence that you should quit.  It simply means that you need more practice, more experience.  Be willing to make mistakes.  Donít give up.  Donít allow one slipup, or setback from the outside, influence you to erase all the progress youíve made.  Feel the joy of the finish line!

6.  Happy people live in the present.

If you are alert to the present, and anticipating the future, you are better able to take advantage of opportunities.  If you are brooding over the past, youíll be blinded to present possibilities, and lose the advantage for future prospects.  A happy life is the product of living a great present.  And a well lived present is a guarantee of a wonderful future.  You can only affect your future by what you do today.

7.  Happy people plan ahead.

Happy people know that they must exercise mastery in their lives, show control in their life in order to guard against feelings of being helpless and victims.  Planning is essential to getting things done.  Planning is essential to making sure you are spending time on your priorities, and not just the next thing that gets your attention.  Plan for whatís important to you, and choose to spend your limited time, money, energy, and resources on it.  

Kathy Gates is a Professional Life Coach in Scottsdale AZ.  If you liked this article, youíll love her ďBeat the Procrastination BluesĒ program.  Get more information at her website Real Life Coach, and sign up for the newsletter.    


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Category:  Inspirational

Related Links:  | Inspirational | Attitude | Courage | Goals | Happiness | Self-Esteem |

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