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Prepare Your Furnace For Winter

Why Be At The Mercy Of The Furnaceman

By Jadran N. Transcona

It is a well known adage in life that almost everything depends on proper and thorough preparation is everything. You may think that you are your peak running around putting out fires so to speak. Perhaps you had a boss like that. In the end it is a lot of wasted energy and extra costs. In addition to needless aggravation and aggravations.

So it is with preparing your furnace for winter. It you wait for the last moments so to speak when the snowflakes are just beginning to fall it can be an expensive and time wasting bargain. Worse yet at the time when your furnace puts out no heat is broker you may well run the risk of frozen pipes, water damage to your house, have to take time off of work to solve the problem. Worse yet you may have to deal with an angry as well as frozen wife, family members, pets and perhaps even tenants.

To make the whole situation worse you will be at the mercy of the heating contractor or furnace man. Gouge city. You will not be in a good negotiation position nor have the luxury of time to comparison shop for good products or service. You may well not overpay, but get poor service in the bargain (or non bargain). It will be almost as if you have to get on your hands and knees in the cold to beg and plead with the serviceman to get the diagnosis and repairs done on your furnace and heating system.

It is best now to prepare your furnace for the upcoming cold weather. You can count on three things in life - taxes, winter and mean relatives. It is best to call your heating contractor to have a qualified technician check, clean and lubricate your heating system. For safety, reliability and efficiency it is important to have your furnace and heating system in peak operating condition before the heating season begins. A malfunctioning furnace that uses natural gas, propane, wood or oil can create the potential for dangerous and deadly carbon monoxide problems. A tune up can help prevent and catch this and make your furnace run more efficiently thus saving you money.

In addition there re other ways that can keep your essential and often not thought of furnace ready for use. Inspect furnace filters regularly: then clean and replace them as required. Of course it is always best to use the correct and appropriate filters for your furnace. Always keep the area around your furnace clear, uncluttered and unobstructed.

Your furnace needs to breathe just like you. Never ever store flammable materials and liquids like paint, solvents, cleaners or gasoline in the same room as your furnace.

It is best to have your furnace cleaned and inspected by a qualified professional once a year and not your handy cousin Raymond. Always make sure to keep the return air grilles and supply air registers of your home heating system properly vented m clean and unobstructed. Lastly always operate your furnace according to the manufactures.

Maintenance instructions.

Why wait for spring or in this case a cold winter? Prepare your furnace now for winter.


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