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The 16-Patch

Here is another Quilt Block made up of just Squares

This block can be made quickly by cutting strips of fabric, sewing them together, and then cutting the blocks.

Value is the key to success in this simple Block.  In the picture above, there are only two fabrics used in the block.  If you were to make the fabrics too similar, your block would look like a whole piece of cloth rather than a pieced block.

There are many ways to piece squares.  Here is the quickest way to do it.

Cut strips in your desired width.  If you want the block to finish at 8-inches, cut them 2 1/2 inches each.

Sew together a dark and a light, and then another dark and light.  Press all the seams toward the darker fabric.

Take your strip set to the cutting board, and then cut the strip every 8 1/2 - inches to make the block.

Another way to make this Block is to take your 4-inch squares and cut them into four 2-inch squares.  Then sew these squares together, as in the picture above.

You will have a smaller block, but it is another way to use your squares.

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