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Thrifty Tips to Help Prepare Your Home for Spring

By Jessica Ackerman

Using yard art pieces around your home and scattered throughout your landscape can be a great way to add a decorative and attractive touch. However, yard art pieces can often be somewhat expensive to purchase in decorating stores. This year, save money and have a beautiful yard at the same time by making a few of your own decorative yard art pieces. Here are a few easy, inexpensive projects that will help you get started.

Metal Art

There are definitely a lot of beautiful metal art yard pieces available in garden centers and department stores. However, it can be a lot of fun to save money by making a few of your own unique pieces. When it comes to metal yard art, pretty much anything goes. You might choose to create a unique sculptural piece using metal tubing, wire or even aluminum cans. Some metals such as copper will age beautifully outdoors, developing a lovely patina. However, other metals such as steel will eventually rust. Although a rusted look might be just what you had in mind, you can also choose to paint your metal pieces to keep them shiny and bright.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones are another great way to add a decorative look to your yard. You can make your own using simple molds, masonry mix and sand. Start by filling a shallow box or other interestingly shaped container with approximately 2 inches of damp builder's sand. If desired, you can arrange a few decorative items on the sand surface, such as small shells, marbles or broken tile pieces. When positioning these items, be sure to place them so that the pretty side is face down in the sand. While wearing rubber gloves to protect your hands, prepare the masonry mix according to the label directions. Pour a few inches of the masonry mix into the container, being careful not to disrupt the sand or decorative items. Press the masonry mix into the container, making sure it's level. After the masonry mix has set and cured properly, you can remove your new stepping stone from the container. Scrape away the sand, and enjoy your new decorative yard art piece.

Decorative Clay Pots

Clay pots are a natural when it comes to creating yard art. In fact, with a little bit of creativity, you'll probably even be able to create functional art pieces that will double as planting areas. If you already have a good supply of old clay pots in your garage or gardening shed, this project is an excellent way to put them to good use. But even if you have to purchase new clay pots, you'll find that they are usually quite inexpensive.

You can use a variety of different sizes and shapes of pots to create interesting art pieces. Use a weather resistant adhesive designed for porous surfaces to connect the pots, forming interesting arrangements and designs. If your clay pots have saucers, you can use these as well.

Natural terra cotta has a beauty all it's own. However, you might also choose to paint your clay pot art pieces with weather resistant acrylic craft paint. Since terra cotta is a porous material, plan on using several coats. Be sure to let each coat of paint dry before applying the next coat.

Designer and writer, Alyssa Davis of, has many ideas for bringing style to your home with metal art for bathroom walls and sea turtle wall sculpture.

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