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Diagonal Squares 2

Here is another very easy block that makes use of leftover fabric. 

There is nothing in this block but Squares.

In the above picture, I used black prints, but you could make this block using many colors.

If I had used different colors, you would be able to see the rows more clearly.  In the picture, the black squares blend, and it is more subtle.

The important thing is that all the squares are placed so that the same fabric runs in a diagonal line.

You can add as many fabrics as you want before repeating rows.

This pattern can also be done using just Value, by alternating dark, medium and light rows.

In the above picture, once again, I took out my 4-inch squares.  This time I cut them in half, twice.  My squares were 2-inches, raw, and finished at 1 1/2 - inch.

Tiny squares like this make nice small projects, like potholders or placemats and table runners.

If you sew clothing, you can patch a piece, and then use it to cut one of the pieces of your pattern for a nice decorative touch on a garment.

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