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Category: Kitchen: Dessert

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Christmas Fudge


By Nikki Willhite

Christmas is the one time of year fudge makes an appearance in my home. Good thing, because it is hard to resist..  It tastes so good you just want to keep on eating.

There are many ways to make fudge. The most economical method uses the most inexpensive ingredients. However, it also requires more skill and for best results- a candy thermometer.

When you make fudge using marshmallow cream or chocolate chips, it is more expensive, but much easier. If you only make it once a year, it might be worth it to you. Things can go wrong when you make it from scratch.

I think you need a good grasp of science to understand candy making.

Here is a very unscientific explanation of why fudge is so hard to make from scratch.

As you boil sugar it changes. You must keep ALL the sugar at the same level of change. If some granules get left on the side of the pot and don't progress as the rest of the mixture, you've got problems. When they come into contact with the main mixture, they start a chain reaction that causes the consistency of your fudge to be ruined.

For this reason, the sides of the pan you cook the fudge in are heavily buttered and the lid kept on during the cooking process. The idea is that the steam and slippery sides of the pan will keep all the granules down in the bottom of the pan.

After your mixture reaches 234 degrees, you cool it, without stirring. When the temperature drops to 120 degrees, you start beating it.

When everything goes right, this fudge is wonderful. Unfortunately, there is a lot of room for error. The recipe and instruction for basic fudge can be found in almost any general cookbook, so I won't put one here. Instead, here are a couple recipes that are much safer to make. If you are new to fudge making, you may end up spending more money trying to do it right from scratch. You will want to learn sometime, but if this is not the time, try these.

Easy Chocolate Chip Fudge


One can sweetened condensed milk
2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
1- teaspoon vanilla Chopped Nuts (optional)

Put the milk and the chocolate chips together and microwave for 2 minutes. Stir a couple times. Continue to microwave (stirring every 30 seconds) until the mixture is smooth.

Remove from the microwave and add the vanilla and nuts. Pour into a buttered 8- inch square pan and chill. When hard, the fudge may be cut.

Marshmallow Creme Fudge


4 1/2 cups sugar
1- 12 ounce can evaporated milk
1 Cup margarine or butter
1-8 ounce jar marshmallow cream
2 Tablespoons vanilla
2- 12 ounce bags chocolate chips
1-2 Cups chopped nuts (optional)

Combine the milk and sugar, and stir over the stove until it comes to a boil. Boil for 8 minutes. Remove from heat and add the margarine, marshmallow crème, vanilla and chocolate chips.

Stir until glossy and then add nuts. Pour into a buttered dish and chill. Cut when firm.

(With this recipe, you still want to butter the sides of the pan, and cover with a lid while boiling).


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Category: Kitchen: Dessert

Related Links:  | Recipes | Frugal Tips | Barbecue | Dessert | Fruit | Homemade |
 | Meal Planning | Meat | Organization | Sauces | Veggies |

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