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 Ideas for Making Unique and Inexpensive Headboards

By Jessica Ackerman

Headboards for beds of any size can be quite expensive. Even the cheapest and most ordinary twin-size headboards sold in furniture stores can cost a considerable amount of money. Instead of buying overpriced headboards that lack unique style and design, consider the following ideas for making inexpensive headboards that attach to the wall.

No matter the size of the bed, it is possible to make unique and inexpensive headboards that will add exceptional style and designer elegance to bedroom décor. Best of all, headboards that attach to the wall instead of the bed frame allow the bed to be moved more easily, and they can add extra inches to the amount of floor space in a room.

Wooden Shutters for a Cottage-Style Headboard

Painted or varnished wooden shutters make interesting and stylish headboards, and they are ideal for a cottage-style bedroom. It is very easy to make a wooden shutter headboard, that are perfect for those wanting a stylish headboard at an inexpensive price. Wooden shutters of various sizes and styles can be found in most major home improvement stores, and they are available in all price ranges to meet every budget.

To make a wooden shutter headboard for a cottage-style bedroom begin by hinging together the correct number of shutters to span the width of the bed. Next, lightly sand the wood if the shutters are not pre-sanded, and finish them with stain and varnish, or paint the wood a color of your choice according to product label instructions.

Lastly, mount the shutters on the wall with the help of a level, and finish the look of this unique cottage-style headboard with the addition of faux flowers and foliage. Weave artificial ivy in and out of the slats, and add artificial hanging wisteria for a beautiful cottage-style appearance that will make the room feel comfortable and inviting.

Storage Cubes for Style and Organization

Another inexpensive and highly useful headboard can be designed by connecting and hanging a number of storage cubes at the head of the bed. Choose ready-made storage cubes, or if you are handy with woodworking, consider making them. Mount the cubes on the wall to create the look of a built-in headboard. The cubes can be used for storing books and displaying knickknacks. This is an inexpensive alternative to buying a storage-style headboard from a retail store, and it will look just as good as or better than a store-bought headboard of similar style.

Stretch Canvas Works of Contemporary Art

If your bedroom is decorated in a contemporary style, consider trying your hand at painting modern works of art to display on the wall as an inexpensive headboard. Choose an even number of equally sized stretch canvas frames, and use latex paint to create contemporary designs to match the colors of bedroom décor. Allow the paint to dry completely, and mount the finished works of art on the wall behind the head end of the bed. Space them equal distances apart for an impressive and inexpensive headboard display. Although this type of headboard is considerably less inexpensive than a typical headboard, it is truly priceless since it is hand painted and completely unique.

Upholstered Plywood for a Romantic Victorian Headboard

Those who want a formal style headboard should consider upholstering a sheet of inexpensive plywood with silky padded fabric. Purchase enough padding to cover a sheet of plywood and enough fabric of your choice to sufficiently cover and fold over the edges. Use a heavy-duty staple gun to attach the fabric around the edges of the back of the padded headboard. For added dimension, embellish the padded fabric with decorative upholstery tacks. The options for making a romantic Victorian headboard are endless with the wide variety of fabrics and styles of upholstery tacks available.

Wrought Iron Wall Hangings for a Luxurious Headboard

To create an extraordinarily rich looking headboard that will never go out of style, purchase a large round wrought iron wall hanging or a large half circle wall hanging, and center it on the wall at the head of the bed. A wrought iron wall hanging used as a headboard is far less inexpensive than an attached headboard of similar quality and design. Best of all, if you should ever decide you want a different headboard adorning your bed, the wrought iron wall hanging can be used elsewhere in the home.

With the aforementioned ideas for headboards in mind, consider the many other wall hangings and items that can be used to design beautiful wall-mounted headboards. They are interchangeable, inexpensive, and they are easy to hang. With artistic creativity and design ingenuity you can make headboards that attach to the wall to stylishly complete all of the beds in your home.

Jessica Ackerman is a prolific writer for Wall Decor and Home Accents, and she provides valuable tips and advice on the many ways to decorate walls to match every taste, style, and budget. Visit the website for more creative ideas and suggestions on decorating with architectural pieces, stylish contemporary wall artwrought iron wall hangings , and unique decorative wall mirrors.

About the Author: Article provided Jessica Ackerman of a site featuring wire wire wall art and discount home decor.


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