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Category:  Gardening

Frugal Gardening Tips

By Nikki Willhite

If you have the ability, learn to garden. It is a wonderful hobby, money saver, and enjoyable eating experience. I've said many times- once you start growing and eating your own vegetables, you will wonder what you have been buying in the store.

Gardening is also a great family activity. You can all do it together. Some families section off parts of the garden and give the responsibility of weeding and watering to different family members.

Many an adult has been embarrassed by the care given to a children's plot in comparison to their own!

You don't need a lot of land to garden. There are many creative ways to grow food in small spaces.

Here is a list of some frugal gardening tips

*Get a jump on the gardening season by starting your plants indoors in potting soil placed in empty egg cartons.

*Use old garden hoses to drip irrigate your garden. Cut holes along the length of the hose, and lay along plants.

*Be creative when it comes to containers. Anything that will hold soil and allow you to punch holes in the bottom for drainage will work. Here are some ideas:

*Milk jugs
*Ice cream buckets.
*Laundry buckets.
*Cracked mugs and bowls.
*Old baskets
*Cardboard boxes.
*Old tires. (Stack and fill with soil)

Old single pane windows are great to recycle and make hotbeds to keep your plants warm at night. Make a wooden frame the size of the window, fill with dirt, and place the window over the frame. Open it during the day for ventilation.

*Roses love crushed egg shells. They help keep snails out of the garden.

There are many books on gardening. Find one you like and take up this great hobby. It will serve you well.


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Category:  Gardening

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