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The Friendship Star

The Friendship Star is a very easy block to make.  In this lesson, we will be making triangles the "easy way" as presented in the The Pinwheel Block lesson.

The Friendship Star is a 9-patch.  You can see the 9 parts of the block in the picture.  The center is a square, the corners are squares, and the rest of the blocks are half square triangles.

It is just a mater of piecing them all together.

Whenever possible, I try and use the quick method of making half square triangles.  Not only do you save time, but when you sew the fabric before cutting it, you do not have to align bias edges and sew them together.  Bias stretches so easily.  It is always better if you do not have to deal with a bias edge.

As you can see from the drawing, the solid line you cut is on the bias.  However, you do not cut that line until after you have sewn on both sides of it.  So you run no risk of stretching the block on the bias edge.

Here is some more math for you to remember- sorry!  However, this is a lot easier than the math for the half square triangles presented in the Making Squares in Squares lesson.

Look at the drawing again, and this time just focus on the upper left quadrant or square.

If you are using 4-inch squares.  You put them together, draw your diagonal line, and sew on each side of the line.  The size of the square you will end up with is 3 1/2 inches.

You started with a 4-inch square, but you have used up 1/4 inch for the seam on both of the fabrics.  So that leaves you with 3 1/2 inches.

If your half square triangles are 3 1/2 inches,  you know that will also be the size of the squares in the block.

My personal opinion is that The Friendship Star looks best when it is kept small, and used with similar blocks as a border, or accent.  It is also a great block for a folk art quilt. 

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