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Category:  Weight Control

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What Should I Avoid to Shed Pounds Fast?

By Carolyn Ekenstam

So what are some of the things besides sugars that you should avoid? First there is alcohol and then some food groups. Alcohol always gets the instant blame in these groups and it can be a major contender for the top of the list. However, most people realize that alcohol is a huge "no-no" in the fight to shed pounds fast. The focus here is on the food items you can avoid to help cut the body fat out and actually to shed pounds fast.

The first thing you should know is don't worry, most likely you won't have to stop eating everything you like in order to shed pounds. Sadly though, there are several things most people like that should be at least drastically reduced. The major problem areas in a nutshell are white flour items, and foods with refined sugar. These go counter to your fight to shed pounds fast.

The white flour used to make food causes such items as bread to be quickly digested into sugars. These extra sugars then overwhelm the body and are quickly turned into glucose. The body suddenly has excess glucose and no need for extra energy to burn it off which will not help you shed pounds fast or at all.

Keep in mind with white flour this entire process can happen in four to six minutes and that will not help to lose body fat. The body has excess glucose and thus excess energy and there is no sign of a need to burn it off anytime soon. The result is the body decides to store these items. You can imagine where they get stored. The body determines that the best storage area, and the most accessible when it needs energy, is the belly and goes against your fight to shed pounds fast. The body ends up stockpiling fat into the belly just in case that energy is needed later and so you don't shed pounds, rather you gain them.

If white flour is converted into sugar and then the excess sugar becomes glucose, you can imagine what happens with refined sugars. The process of converting these into sugars is already done before it enters the body. The result is excess sugar converted to glucose and you know from the above what happens to that and where it is stored and that you are not going to win the fight to shed pounds fast.

The foods that make up these two dangerous food lists can be extensive and go counter to your fight to shed pounds. The list is endless, starting with bread, of things made with white flour and so you don't lose body fat. Looking at the things made with refined sugars gets a little closer to home for most people. The list starts something like this: cookies, cake, candy bars, donuts, candy in general, chocolate, and on it goes.

You do not have to drop all this food out of your diet, but with all things remember the saying about drinking alcohol in moderation should also apply to white flour items and refined sugar items (in moderation). The list seems to keep expanding and not be geared to shed pounds fast. Each day is a struggle to avoid these and try to lose body fat.

You might try some of the great weight loss programs to help you shed pounds fast. Each of them works well when you work it. Stay consistent and you will win in your goal to shed pounds.

Carolyn Ekenstam has a love of the items mentioned above and does well when she avoids them and then she can shed pounds fast. She has struggled all her life with her weight and is winning the battle and wants to share her knowledge.

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Category:  Weight Control

Related Links | Weight ControlHealthy Living | Stress |
Emotional Well-being
| Cutting Medical Costs |

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